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BrightDrop and FedEx Take Part in Record-Setting EV Campaign

22 April 2022
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BrightDrop and FedEx Take Part in Record-Setting EV Campaign

With the support of BrightDrop and FedEx, BrightDrop Zevo 600 driver Stephen Marlin achieved the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS ® title for greatest distance traveled by an electric van on a single charge, with a journey from New York City to Washington, D.C.

Driving the Zevo 600, formerly known as the BrightDrop EV600, Stephen Marlin completed the near 260-mile trip on a single charge, just in time for Earth Day 2022. The Zevo 600 stopped at a couple iconic destinations along the route, including landmarks in Philadelphia and Baltimore.

“Since the beginning, the Zevo 600 has been a record-setting vehicle. Now we’re seeing firsthand what BrightDrop can do by pairing our zero-operating-emissions technology with FedEx, a leader in the transportation and delivery industry,” said Travis Katz, BrightDrop president and CEO. “Having a long battery range with reliable power is critical to electrifying delivery fleets everywhere. This special delivery highlights our products’ advanced capabilities and our mission to decarbonize deliveries.”

BrightDrop delivered its first electric light commercial vehicles to FedEx in December after completing its first production builds of the Zevo 600 in just 20 months, making it the fastest vehicle to market in GM’s history. Combining the focus and agility of a startup with the manufacturing might and expertise of GM enabled BrightDrop’s speed to market, while putting it in position to help some of the world’s largest companies tackle some of the biggest climate- and emissions-related challenges our world faces today.

“FedEx is proud to be a part of this record-setting moment as we work toward our goal of achieving carbon-neutral operations by 2040. Electrifying our entire parcel pickup and delivery fleet is a crucial component of that goal and we’re thrilled BrightDrop is bringing real solutions to the market that can help us get there,” said Mitch Jackson, chief sustainability officer, FedEx. “I’ve long said sustainability is a team sport. Today’s milestone is a perfect example of how businesses can lead the charge in ushering in a more sustainable future for customers, our communities and our planet through collaboration.”

As part of the journey, the Zevo 600 transported a shipment of Full Circle sustainable cleaning products from its headquarters in New York City to a MOM’s Organic Market location in Washington, D.C., a Mid-Atlantic chain of family-owned and operated organic grocery stores. Full Circle is a brand of sustainable home care products, and a small business customer of FedEx.

“We started Full Circle Brands to reinvent cleaning and make home care products that are better for the world,” said Tal Chitayat, co-founder and CEO, Full Circle Brands. “We are thrilled to further that mission with our friends at FedEx as part of this world-changing milestone in sustainable deliveries with BrightDrop.”

BrightDrop, FedEx, Full Circle and MOM’s Organic Market are like-minded organizations when it comes to sustainability. Similar to GM, FedEx targets carbon neutral operations by 2040. Full Circle’s mission centers around providing sustainably designed consumer solutions aimed at minimizing their impact on the planet, and MOM’s purpose is to protect and restore the environment. The company’s locations have been powered by renewable energy since 2005 and offer complimentary electric vehicle charging.

“Congratulations to Stephen Marlin, BrightDrop and FedEx on achieving the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS ® title for the greatest distance traveled by an electric van on a single charge,” said Andy Glass, adjudicator, GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS ®. “This accomplishment is a perfect example of the extraordinary efforts taken to make a difference for the environment and a fitting way to commemorate Earth Day 2022. We welcome them into the family of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS ® title holders.”

Designed with productivity and convenience in mind, the Zevo 600 combines the best attributes of a traditional and a step-in van into one vehicle. The Zevo 600 also features industry-leading safety features* including Automatic Emergency Braking, Front and Rear Park Assist and Forward Collision Alert. Built on the Ultium Platform, the Zevo 600 offers more than 600 cubic feet of cargo area and an available 2,200 pounds of estimated payload capacity, which results in superior range without compromising space. BrightDrop has secured more than 25,000 EV production reservations, including 2,500 from FedEx, in just 12 months. The Zevo 600 is currently in production.

About BrightDrop

BrightDrop is a new business reimagining the commercial delivery and logistics industry for an all-electric future. Its portfolio of electric vehicles, smart containers, and software are designed to decarbonize last-mile deliveries and reduce congestion for a smarter, more sustainable future. BrightDrop is a wholly owned subsidiary of General Motors. For more information, visit gobrightdrop.com.

*Based on January 2021 vehicle offerings.

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