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Raphael Bostic spoke about solutions to racial economic problems
22 October 2020
Raphael Bostic presented solutions to the racial economic consequences of the pandemic Earlier this week, Raphael Bostic said that the Federal Reserve is an important part of the solution to the racial economic disparities caused by the COVID-19 pan
Timme Shpakman spoke about how the EU will be affected by Brexit at the end of the year
22 October 2020
Economist Timme Shpakman says that the EU economy could suffer from the transition to a new phase of relations with the UK without an agreement on what the relationship should be. "Brexit's economic impact without a deal on
Cuomo warns NYC religious institutions could be shut down for coronavirus violations
6 October 2020
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo warned Monday the state could move to shut down religious institutions that do not agree to comply with restrictions on mass gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic. Cuomo, a Democrat, said state off
US energy industry has cut 107K jobs during COVID-19 crisis
6 October 2020
American oil, gas and chemical companies axed 107,000 workers during the coronavirus crisis — and most of them won’t have their jobs back by the end of next year, a new study says. Those job cuts imposed over just six months, from March
Trump backtracks after comments seem to suggest people try voting twice in presidential election
4 September 2020
US President Donald Trump has walked back comments that seemed to suggest he was encouraging people to try to vote twice in the November 3 election. Trump said people who vote early by mail should show up at polling places and vote ag
Cuomo: CDC reversal on testing and quarantining 'indefensible actions' in COVID-19 fight
27 August 2020
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo harshly criticized new federal guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that relax COVID-19 testing requirements, calling the change of direction "indefensible" and accusing the agency of bowing to
Over 1,000 DNC delegates voted against party platform, in sign of Dem discord
25 August 2020
With a common goal of booting President Trump from the White House in November’s general election, the progressive and moderate wings of the Democratic Party mostly presented an image of unity last week at the
Economic Data Points to Pause in Recovery as Aid Programs Expire
22 August 2020
The economy’s rebound showed signs of stagnating. Then enhanced unemployment benefits and a small-business loan program expired. America’s economic recovery is in an uneasy pause, with key indicators of hiring, shopping and investment st
State and Local Budget Pain Looms Over Economy’s Future
14 August 2020
Providing more aid to struggling governments has become one of the biggest issues tangling up the debate over another pandemic rescue package. The U.S. economy struggled to shake off the last recession, with historically slow growth and a labor mark
AG Barr calls lawmakers backing voting by mail ‘grossly irresponsible’
10 August 2020
Attorney General William Barr warned of a possible contested election if large-scale voting by mail is allowed this November and slammed lawmakers pushing the option as “grossly irresponsible.” Barr said voting is one of the wa
Cuomo: New York COVID hospitalizations at new low since mid-March
26 July 2020
Gov. Cuomo announced Saturday that the state’s COVID-19 hospitalizations and ICU patients were at a new low since mid-March, and urged its residents to continue following the protocols that fueled New York’s declining coronavirus numbers.
Top State Dept. Officials Enabled Misconduct by Pompeo, Whistle-Blower Said
20 July 2020
A State Department employee who reported witnessing misconduct by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as well as hearing “numerous firsthand accounts” of such behavior was blocked from further addressing the issue by top department o
Biden to push ‘green’ jobs in economic shift against Trump amid COVID-19
14 July 2020
Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is increasing his public focus on the economy as concerns mount about jobs and economic recovery amid the coronavirus pandemic. The former vice president will deliver remarks Tuesday in which he will outline
Giuliani hammers 'stupid,' 'communist' de Blasio, says Black Lives Matter 'is not a benign organization'
12 July 2020
Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani bashed the current mayor, Bill de Blasio, on "Hannity" Friday, saying the incumbent's policies have undone the progress the city made under Giuliani and his successor Michael Bloomberg. Giul
The Catholic Church raked in $1.4 billion in coronavirus loans
10 July 2020
The Catholic Church raked in at least $1.4 billion in taxpayer-backed loans meant to help small businesses survive the coronavirus pandemic, a new report says. Catholic dioceses, parishes, schools and other entities made extensive use of a loophole
New York City Cuts Arts Spending by 11 Percent to Close Budget Gap
2 July 2020
The New York City budget adopted early Wednesday cuts spending on cultural affairs by nearly 11 percent, a damaging blow after years where municipal spending on the arts had grown, but it was not as deep a gash as some had feared. The redu
Remdesivir, the First Coronavirus Drug, Gets a Price Tag
30 June 2020
Remdesivir, the first drug shown to be effective against the coronavirus, will be distributed under an unusual agreement with the federal government that establishes nonnegotiable prices and prioritizes American patients, health officials announ
Stocks dive on coronavirus spike, Fed’s cap on shareholder payouts
27 June 2020
Wall Street’s major indexes dropped on Friday as the US set a new record for a one-day increase in coronavirus cases and bank stocks tumbled after the Federal Reserve decided to cap shareholder payouts. The S&P 500 banks sub-index declined
Markets are tied to infection data again
25 June 2020
Confidence in the economic recovery has been called into question by investors. US markets on Wednesday lost more than 2.6%, and Hong Kong indices are falling. However, there are several notable exceptions. The Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 blue-chip i
Trump Says He Avoided Punishing China Over Uighur Camps to Protect Trade Talks
22 June 2020
President Trump said he resisted punishing China for its mass internment of ethnic Uighurs last year for fear of jeopardizing trade talks with Beijing, a blunt admission of his transactional approach to human rights and willingness to subordinate oth
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