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Rooster and Rooster compatibility

The compatibility of a Rooster man and a Rooster woman is not the highest. Both chosen ones show a lot of emotions, have an explosive character, are able to make scandals even over trifles. Few of those born this year make concessions and any compromises. There are constant jokes in the couple, but they are often offensive and caustic. Due to the fact that Roosters are straightforward, relationships are always flaunted.

In a pair of Rooster + Rooster, the negative qualities of each of the chosen ones come to the fore. In such a union, it is necessary to carry out constant work on oneself. A man and a woman always consider themselves to be right and crave attention to their own personality. For others, such people are accustomed to noticing only the worst.

Rooster and Rooster

Partners can be happy and happy, but there are a lot of these emotions, sometimes situations end with one of the chosen ones shedding tears. In this regard, in such relationships, there are always both ups and downs. Such an alliance resembles an explosion: in a couple, no one wants to make concessions, but only expresses his own opinion. Conflicts often occur due to jealousy.

The compatibility of a Rooster woman and a Rooster man is rather small, since reproaches often sound against each other. None of the partners pays attention to their disadvantages. The reason for a scandal in a pair may be a cup placed in the wrong place in the kitchen.

In general, the union is considered bright and emotional. Along with loud quarrels, there are stormy reconciliations.

The duration of the relationship depends on how much the partners themselves want it.

Rooster man and Rooster woman

Love compatibility

The compatibility of a Rooster man and a Rooster woman in love is not bad. The intimacy present in a couple helps to smooth things over and suppress outbursts of anger. Due to this, it becomes possible to strengthen relationships.

Rooster men prefer originality and variety, in the chosen ones they value beauty and resourcefulness. As for women, it is difficult for them to relax being in the company of the stronger sex. They will be able to show themselves as real when they fully trust their partner.

Problems in a couple will arise when a woman tries to take control of everything. A strong and ambitious Rooster will not like it.

Marriage compatibility

The compatibility of a Rooster woman and a Rooster man in a pair is estimated as average. Those who were born a year under the auspices of this animal decide to go to the registry office only if they are completely confident in their own feelings. Both chosen ones have a bright temperament, therefore, in the course of numerous disputes, they are used to defending their own opinions. As a result, conflicts occur even over the smallest of things.

If the spouses manage to remove the emotional part and talk calmly, the marriage has every chance of becoming strong and happy. In such couples, financial quarrels often arise. Rooster men are used to saving money, and women like to spend it in order to obtain material benefits. In order to avoid unnecessary conflicts, it is important to immediately discuss this issue.

Roosters always distribute responsibilities in the family. Women often sacrifice their own careers in favor of caring for loved ones. Those couples where the lady is in charge of the household, and the man is responsible for making money, have a chance to become happy and strong. On the plus side, such a relationship can only be built with sincere feelings.

Rooster and Rooster compatibility

Sex compatibility

Sex compatibility of a male Rooster and a female Rooster is rated as rather low, since it is problematic for both to get pleasure in bed. It is important to ensure that the chosen ones begin to think not about themselves, but about their partner.

It is important for a Rooster man to lead the process, he does not like long preludes. The rudeness and tendency of the chosen one to non-standard types of sex usually annoys the Rooster woman. At the same time, the latter strives for endless pleasures. Her sexual partner, in turn, tries to shorten the duration of the process. Because of this relationship, I can crack even at the initial stage.

If partners manage to overcome a difficult period, then over time, intimate life will begin to improve. It is the rude and brutal Rooster man in bed that will become more emotional and sensual.

With age, Rooster women begin to appreciate the physical side of the intimate process. Also in bed, the chosen one can become more demanding and active. The desire of a lady to become a leader is not liked by their partners.

Friendship compatibility

Friendship in a Rooster + Rooster pair is usually very fragile. Experts are used to believing that those who are born a year under the auspices of the same animal, regardless of gender, have common interests. However, we are not talking about Roosters in this case. Women and men, trying to build friendships, are overly emotional, sensitive and resentful. Both friends are ready to make a loud scandal over trifles.

Roosters love to argue and always actively engage in this process, defending their point of view. Women tend to behave derisively, she can declare the shortcomings of the Rooster man in public, and this infuriates him.

Only a sense of humor can save friendships.

Business Compatibility

The compatibility of a Rooster woman and a Rooster man in business will be good if the lady is the boss. In this case, it is better for the stronger sex to take the place of an ordinary employee. Women leaders are usually wise, they are able to make the right decisions.

At the same time, such a labor union will not do without disputes and conflicts. Rooster men do not like the dominance of the fairer sex. A difficult situation will be saved by the intermediary, who will have to smooth out the rough edges. The working tandem will be effective in a small team.

If the position of the leader is taken by a male Rooster, and the woman becomes subordinate, compatibility will also be quite successful. Representatives of the stronger sex are distinguished by good leadership qualities, wisdom, caution, and discretion. Before making an important decision, they ponder all sorts of controversial points. In this case, women become excellent performers, but problems arise due to excessive emotionality. When colleagues are on an equal footing, the workflow will be quite calm.

Rating Roosters

American comedian, actor
1 Place
American politician
2 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Boeing
3 Place
4 Place
African professional golfer
5 Place
Israeli-born American actress
6 Place
Professional tennis player
7 Place
American comedian
8 Place
Chief executive officer of United Parcel Service (UPS)
9 Place
American former professional American football player
10 Place
American actor
11 Place
Canadian-American comedian
12 Place
Italian professional tennis player
13 Place
American actor
14 Place
American professional golfer
15 Place
Junior United States senator from Pennsylvania
16 Place
Golf broadcaster
17 Place
Co-founder of the company Klarna
18 Place
American professional golfer
19 Place
English retired professional golfer and television commentator
20 Place
American professional basketball player of the National Basketball Association (NBA)
21 Place
American former professional basketball player
22 Place
Vietnamese footballer
23 Place
Irish musician
24 Place
American television presenter
25 Place
American basketball player
26 Place
Swiss former professional tennis player
27 Place
Indian actor
28 Place
American football wide receiver
29 Place
American football quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL)
30 Place
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