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Compatibility Virgo & Virgo

Virgo and Virgo


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Compatibility description

Virgo and Virgo compatibility

The compatibility of the two Virgos is not low. Their relationship can be called the phrase: "I and my mirror." The representatives of this sign are ruled by the earthly element. Due to this, Virgos are able to organize their own lives at the highest level, they try to get as close as possible to the ideal in everything. Representatives of this sign strive to provide a safe and stable environment around.

Virgo and Virgo

Those born in the sign of Virgo are very emotional, their mood often changes. At the same time, these people can be reserved, in public they usually do not allow themselves to show emotions. Virgos are looking closely at new acquaintances for a long time, because next to them there should be those who cannot be doubted.

Virgos will serve each other as reliable protection and strong support. They mirror each other, but there are still differences associated with personal horoscope and upbringing. Initially, partners focus only on the positive qualities of each other's character. It may seem to a man and a woman that they have found the perfect soul mate.

At the same time, Virgos tend to criticize others. Sooner or later, they will begin to notice the negative sides of the partner. Despite this fact, the compatibility of the Virgo man and the Virgo woman is at a high level, both value each other and do not want to destroy the already formed union.

Representatives of this sign are comfortable spending time in each other's company. Both are calm, reasonable, rational, practical people with strategic thinking and enviable hard work. Relationships will be more successful for those who were able to quickly overcome the grinding-in period. Often the romance will last a long time if the partners have a significant age difference.

Virgo man and Virgo woman

Business Compatibility

The compatibility of a Virgo woman and a Virgo man in business is above average. In a union, both representatives love to work and are used to achieving goals, but in different ways. A man likes to improvise and rely on luck, although he cannot be called a gambling person in life. The lady first prefers to study all the subtleties of the task, then she learns, trains in order to move in the right direction.

If the tandem solves any issues in one team, then no one is in a hurry. Virgos approach their plans with small steps, since there is always a risk of skipping the right turn. More creative professions are suitable for a man and a woman born under this zodiac sign.

When a woman takes up the position of a leader, she first of all pays attention to the Virgo employees. It won't be very difficult to work with them. The head of the department gives vague instructions, and colleagues follow them with certain reservations. Despite this, in the end, the projects turn out to be very successful.

A male boss will require a subordinate to quickly understand new information and dedication. A woman does not always do what the leader needs. Against this background, misunderstandings may arise in the Virgo + Virgo pair.

Love compatibility

The compatibility of a Virgo woman and a Virgo man in love is considered average. As a rule, the fairer sex has to show the initiative at the first meeting. As for the guys, they are too picky about the other half. People born in the sign of Virgo can become a couple if they have a very strong emotional connection.

In love, a Virgo man and a Virgo woman strive to get positive impressions, a kind of outlet, it is important for them to create a lasting union that has potential development.

Cheating on the part of the ladies can be a problem. If a young man quickly determines his chosen one and begins to plan the future with her, then the partner goes through various options for a long time.

In such a union, girls tend to be polygamous, besides, Virgos are very jealous. A representative of the stronger sex will rarely have to communicate with friends, otherwise a scandal will await them at home.

A Virgo man and a Virgo woman rarely have sincere feelings for each other. They enjoy spending time together, but it is the guy who takes care of them more often.

Marriage compatibility

The compatibility of a Virgo woman and a Virgo man in marriage is considered rather low. In such a tandem, representatives of the fair sex are in no hurry to go to the registry office with their chosen one, who insists on a wedding. Even the girl will have to seek cohabitation. A man will think several times before agreeing to such a step.

Virgos may have difficulties in solving everyday problems. Girls do not immediately agree to do household chores: they easily wash and clean, but cooking is more difficult for them. To speed up the learning process, a man needs to present his chosen one with cookbooks.

In a Virgo + Virgo pair, the chosen ones are non-conflict and good-natured, but scandals in marriage can hardly be avoided. Both can initiate quarrels. The representatives of the stronger sex do not like the dependence of companions on social networks and the manifestation of interest in other guys. The lady, in turn, is unhappy with the fact that her husband spends a lot of time at work.

To keep the marriage alive, girls need to take more care of their other half. In some situations, you will have to step over yourself. There are also positive aspects to the union: the husband and wife love to spend time together, travel, attend social events, walk in the park, or watch movies at home.

Virgo man and Virgo woman become good parents in the future. The father is responsible for the development of the heirs and their entertainment. The mother, in turn, is responsible for the female part of upbringing.

The representative of the stronger sex is annoyed by the excessive sociability of the chosen one. When she is next to the child, she can correspond for a very long time on social networks with her friends or talk to them on the phone. The man believes that free time should be devoted only to children.

A woman is annoyed by her husband's hobby for computer games. She constantly faces a choice: to make a scandal or to accept such a spouse's hobby.

Virgo and Virgo compatibility

Sex compatibility

The compatibility of a Virgo man and a Virgo woman in sex is very high. At the very beginning of an intimate relationship, harmony appears in the bed of lovers, both partners feel as relaxed as possible. Virgos replace passion with romance and tenderness.

Astrologers advise representatives of the earth element to start treating physical intimacy from a practical point of view, it is important to pay attention to the desires of a partner. If you stick to this approach, then the partners will enjoy it, and misunderstandings will disappear.

Friendship compatibility

The friendly compatibility of a Virgo man and a Virgo woman is good.

In the communication of representatives of two signs, there is sincerity and complete trust.

A guy and a girl can easily find common points of contact.

The first contact is difficult for Virgos to establish, because both lack determination. Later, the relationship starts to be more open. Friends are more likely to spend time in a relaxed atmosphere than to choose extreme leisure.

A man and a woman can talk for hours, be creative, dream. Each of them will easily borrow money for a friend if he needs it.

Rating Virgo

Governor of New York
1 Place
2 Place
Vice Chancellor of Germany
3 Place
4 Place
Filmd director, actor and writer
5 Place
The chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway
6 Place
19th Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development
7 Place
President and Chief Executive Officer at Levi Strauss & Co
8 Place
9 Place
Chairman and CEO of the DPCM Capital
10 Place
11 Place
12 Place
13 Place
14 Place
Director of The Studio Museum in Harlem
15 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Williams-Sonoma
16 Place
Founder of Advanced Micro Devices inc (AMD)
17 Place
18 Place
Chief Executive Officer at GameStop
19 Place
Borough President of Brooklyn
20 Place
Former United States Senator from Hawaii
21 Place
Founder and CEO of Binance
22 Place
Senior Minister of International Trade and Industry
23 Place
Founder and CEO of Social Capital
24 Place
Senator from Vermont
25 Place
Senior Director of Auto Testing at Consumer Reports
26 Place
27 Place
Chief economist at Moody's
28 Place
Actor, producer, writer and comedian
29 Place
Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration
30 Place
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