Eizabeth Peratrovich Day

Eizabeth Peratrovich Day

Eizabeth Peratrovich Day honors the significant legacy of Elizabeth Peratrovich, a crucial advocate in the struggle for racial equality in Alaska. Celebrated on February 16, this day acknowledges her relentless efforts that culminated in the enactment of the 1945 Anti-Discrimination Act, marking the first law against discrimination in the United States. As a Tlingit woman, Peratrovich bravely stood up against the widespread biases of her era with eloquence, courage, and steadfast resolve.

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  16 February
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About the holiday

How Is It Celebrated?

In a landmark speech to the Alaska Territorial Legislature, she brought to light the severe injustices endured by Indigenous peoples, prompting a transformative change in the lawmakers' approach to equality. The enduring impact of Elizabeth's work transcends her battle against racial discrimination, illuminating a path of hope and ongoing advancement for civil rights initiatives across the country.

Elizabeth Peratrovich Day is all about celebrating the amazing work of Elizabeth Peratrovich, who was at the forefront of fighting racial discrimination in Alaska. Every year on February 16, Alaska takes a moment to remember her relentless fight, which played a huge part in bringing about the Anti-Discrimination Act of 1945 - the first of its kind in the U.S. Elizabeth, a proud Tlingit woman, wasn't afraid to stand up against the deep-rooted prejudices of her time, taking on the establishment with her bold and persistent efforts.

Elizabeth Peratrovich

Interesting Facts

  •  Pioneering Change: Elizabeth Peratrovich’s activism led to the first anti-discrimination law in the U.S., predating the Civil Rights Act by 19 years.
  • A Powerful Speech: Her compelling testimony to the Alaska Territorial Legislature was a pivotal moment in Alaska's civil rights movement.
  • Currency Honor: In 2020, Elizabeth made history again as the first Native Alaskan to be featured on a U.S. $1 coin.
  • Legacy of Education: Schools and communities use the day to foster discussions on equality and civil rights, inspired by her life’s work.
  • Symbol of Hope: Elizabeth Peratrovich Day serves as a reminder that one person’s courage can ignite change for generations to come.

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On Elizabeth Peratrovich Day, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to all who continue the fight for equality and justice. May the spirit of Elizabeth's advocacy inspire you to spread the wings of change, bringing prosperity, health, and longevity into your lives.

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