California literally made you with taxpayer subsidies and because it’s the best place around. Will this be a fake temper tantrum move just like Tesla’s fake ‘move’ to Texas?
Wait The wife of Trump's VP pick clerked for Chief Justice John Roberts AND Brett Kavanaugh? I'm sure that won't matter in a disputed election.
It was an honor to have shared a moment in time with her and to have walked in her shoes, even if it was in a different role. I will forever cherish that experience. Thank you, Shannen, wherever you are. I’m not sure if you ever knew how much you inspired me, but I hope you do now and I hope you’re resting in peace.
Trump's cronies are planning what amounts to a fascist state, and the Supreme Court is clearing the way for them. This should concern conservatives as well as liberals.
I want to say thank you to Paige and all of my amazing children for your love, support, and inspiration.
The day she was diagnosed, I realized that the immediate and decisive action of her doctor had undoubtedly saved her life.
Why are all of Trump’s reality shows and clips scrubbed from apps. Etc? Apprentice was a powerhouse. Why can’t people watch it like they watch MY old stuff? Trump is/was a mega star. It’s like they want to pretend he isn’t/wasn’t.
In the face of adversity, we often discover courage and strengths we never knew we had.
I always wanted a child but acting is a very self-focused profession. We’re late getting married, late having children, all of a sudden you stop for five minutes and think, ‘What have I been missing?
Every challenge is an opportunity for growth. As a single mother, I’ve learned to adapt, to be resilient, and to find joy in every moment with my daughter. It’s a journey, and we’re navigating it together.

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Elon Musk Reveals X: SpaceX Headquarters Makes a Big Move to Texas Tech Hub
17 July

Elon Musk’s Texas Takeover In a move that has taken the tech world by storm, industry giant Elon Musk declared on Tuesday his plans to shift the base of operations for his two ventures, SpaceX and the social media giant X, to th

Usha Vance's Ties to Supreme Court Justices Spark Controversy
16 July
Supreme Court Ties Liberals express concern over Usha Vance, wife of JD Vance, following her professional ties to Supreme Court judges, amid her husband's vice-presidential nomination by Donald Trump at the Republican Nation
Shenae Grimes Expresses Gratitude to ‘90210’ Co-Star Shannen Doherty for Her Significant Influence
15 July
Shenae Grimes Remembers Shannen Doherty As the world continues to pay tribute to the late Shannen Doherty, actress Shenae Grimes has come forward with a personal anecdote about her brief but impactful encounter with Doherty. Grimes, 34, shared in a
Stephen King's Comment on Trump Shooting Sparks Major Outrage
14 July
Backlash Erupts Over King’s Trump Rally Remark On Saturday, author Stephen King ignited controversy after posting a comment about the shooting at a Donald Trump rally near Butler, Pennsylvania. The incident left the former president injured, o
Eddie Murphy and Paige Butcher Tie the Knot in Exclusive Caribbean Wedding
13 July
Eddie Murphy’s Secret Wedding In an intimate ceremony, hidden from the public eye, the sound of wedding bells echoed as renowned comedian Eddie Murphy and Australian model Paige Butcher pl
John Mulaney and Olivia Munn: A Love Story of Three Years, Marriage, and Parenthood
11 July
Love Amid Recovery John Mulaney, the 41-year-old comedian known for his work on “Everybody’s in L.A.”, and Olivia Munn, the 44-year-old star of “Newsroom”, have recently celebrated their love in a private ceremony in Ne
America's Next Top Model Winner Adrianne Curry Questions Donald Trump
10 July
Curry-Rhode Sparks Debate Adrianne Curry-Rhode, a former model and winner of the first cycle of America’s Next Top Model in 2003, has recently stirred up social media. She questioned the apparent scarcity of clips from Donald Trump&r

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12 February
Tenneco has expanded its industry-leading Monroe® OE Solutions passive valving portfolio with the introduction of an advanced, highly tunable stroke dependent damping (SDD) add-on valve. The new Monroe RideRefine™ SDD valve works in conjunc
4 March
A Roadmap to success Prior to diving into the German business landscape, delving deep into market dynamics is imperative. Thoroughly research your audience, discern their requirements, and analyze your competitors. Leverage these findings to craft s
24 January
Wealth Plan recognized by StockBrokers.com for bringing planning to J.P. Morgan Self-Directed Investing customers J.P. Morgan Wealth Management’s Wealth Plan was named the #1 New Tool in StockBrokers.com’s 20
25 December
This year marks the 8th year in a row The Estée Lauder Companies (ELC) has received a perfect score on HRC’s CEI. ELC has achieved a perfect score of 100 on the 2023-2024 Corporate Equality Index (CEI) by the Human Rights Campaign Found
30 October
Transform Your Home Selecting the ideal u shaped sofas for your Dubai living space is a significant decision, and it's our pleasure to guide you through the process. At U-Shaped Sofa Dubai, PUSHE understand that your home is your sanctuary, and your
18 October
Deploying its expertise as a top firm in the water sector, the Company is partnering with clients to deliver major water projects using the latest public funding. DALLAS (October 16, 2023) — AECOM (NYSE: ACM), the world’s trusted in

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46th President of the United States
TRUMP Donald
45th President of the United States
LEBRON Raymone James Sr.
Professional Basketball Player
Chief Executive Officer of Boeing
former world No. 1 tennis player
GAUFF Cori (Gauff Coco)
American professional tennis player
CLARK Caitlin
American college basketball player
Egyptian tennis player
Belarusian professional tennis player
Belarusian professional tennis player
GARNER Jennifer
American actress
American professional basketball player

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FALDO Nicholas
English retired professional golfer and television commentator
ADEBAYO Edrice (Bam)
American professional basketball player of the National Basketball Association (NBA)
LINDSEY Lawrence B.
4th Director of the National Economic Council
Publishing executive
American professional track and field sprinter
For Sagittarius today is not a pleasant and lucky day. Perhaps you are lucky and the cycle of events will not whirl you. Do things in a measured manner, gradually, do not rush to do everything that is conceived at once, leave part ... Read more »
Today Pisces in the morning will make itself felt by old acquaintances, and events similar to the events of the past will also occur. You will solve some of the problems that arise on your own, not hoping that others will condesce ... Read more »
Today Aquarius needs to finally put an end to those things that were started a long time ago. For now, try to refuse to participate in the implementation of various projects, especially collective ones. Also exclude possible conta ... Read more »
On this day, Capricorn will not go into your hands by itself, do your best for this. Nevertheless, you will complete current affairs without significant problems, but be extremely careful and attentive. Negotiations with influenti ... Read more »
The Cancer troubles that have arisen today will be solely to blame, but that's not all, the consequences of previously said words or actions in the past on this day can make themselves felt. Stay calm and don't get nervous, especi ... Read more »
The lies expressed today by Gemini will certainly have consequences for you, and the most unpredictable ones. Avoid intrigues and shameless acts, as you can lose a lot irretrievably, as well as experience a sense of shame for what ... Read more »
Today for Libra will be full of disagreements and scandals. It is possible that sparks will literally go from the eyes of the representatives of this sign from one small remark. Especially if such comments are let go of the Libra ... Read more »
Today Taurus will be full of promising ideas as never before. They will be born to the representatives of this sign literally on the fly. Despite this, the plan for further action will be clear and well thought out. You don't have ... Read more »
Today is not very favorable for Scorpio. Some representatives of this sign may have a grandiose idea about a change of scenery. This also applies to moving, and traveling to a new place, and even rebuilding your own home. This ide ... Read more »
Aries today you will be able to improve your own image and grow in the eyes of others. To get what you want, seek help from the heights of philosophy, dig deeper. Perhaps the answer to the question that you have been looking for f ... Read more »
Today, Virgo should not rely on help from others. Rely solely on your own strength, act on your own. Most problems need to be solved quickly, without thinking, and without getting hung up on anything. Only then will you surely ove ... Read more »
Leo is having a tough day today. Well-being, of course, can let you down, so it is possible that plans change, both personal and work. Take a closer look at your health this day and save the strength that will definitely come in h ... Read more »

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