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Zodiac sign Sagittarius



23 November - 21 December

About the sign

General characteristics of the sign of Sagittarius

Sagittarius is an active (masculine) sign and this is noticeable. He, being a strategist or a simple executor, always retains his activity, even to the point of restlessness. In addition, its representatives can easily decide to commit an insane act only because of the fearlessness with which they were born.

The liveliness of Sagittarius has one weak side, namely: they can only do one thing, however, they concentrate on it completely. Sagittarius do not strive to solve several problems at once, and they will not be able to. It should be noted that this sign acts overly impulsively, without even having time to properly think over the act and estimate the consequences that may be expected at the end.

Sagittarius sign

In addition, Sagittarius needs to be confident in what he is doing. Representatives of the sign do not take into account generally accepted standards or prospects that promise success, preferring their own ideas and inclinations, which are fickle, because Sagittarius make decisions spontaneously and often change the chosen point of view to the completely opposite.

This sign is cautious but not cowardly. It is Sagittarius who often choose dangerous professions for themselves and are engaged in extreme sports. They have a tendency to help avoid risky situations and injuries.

Sagittarius never want to be bored, it is for this reason that they have no fear of changing their lives. They would do it quite often, but dreams of justice around the world and their own happy future are constantly distracting them.

Sagittarius can be the sweetest people until you piss them off

Sagittarius throughout the entire life cycle are distinguished by the activity of not only the body, but also the mind. They are almost always in high spirits and harmoniously developed. For them, valuable qualities are: freedom, ease and openness. Representatives of this sign perceive any restrictions with some degree of aggression.

Sagittarius are sincere and kind-hearted. These qualities are balanced by their excessive impulsivity. In addition, the sign easily goes to extremes, acquiring enemies for itself with an ineffectual struggle for the truth or excessive frankness. Sagittarius in most cases defend other people's rights than their own. They are constantly responsible for those around them and bore them with their endless care.

Sagittarius are of two types - the generous idealists, intent on making everyone happy, and the cunning financiers, hungry for power at any cost. The latter look in the eyes of people as snobs and flatterers, but their opinion does not bother them at all.

A Sagittarius can tell you things so directly that you don't know if you should be upset or love their honesty

Sagittarius are convinced that they are impeccable, therefore they do not even respond to objective criticism, and they do not accept useful advice and are rude. However, those who do not influence their behavior are treated in the nicest way. They will always find a compliment, a joke, a minute for chatting, and even a vest for the interlocutor to cry into.

Male Sagittarius are usually talkative, and their inherent rebellious spirit betrays in them eternal adolescents who are openly rude, bully and fight. The big plus is that Sagittarius always win these battles. At the end of the battle, they are ready to spend a lot of money to return the defeated enemy to a calm state. The male Sagittarius is distinguished by the great generosity of his nature.

Sagittarius women are some of the best mothers, distinguished by their ability to sacrifice for the good of the family and nobility. They never punish children without a good reason, are loyal to their husbands and do not mislead loved ones. What they don't like is doing household chores. They may desperately try to create coziness in the house, but the result will not please them themselves. Nevertheless, they calmly take their shortcomings due to their unwavering optimism.

Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius sign element

Sagittarius is the third fire sign. Its flame is strong and stable, and from a sharp wind it flares up with even greater force, becomes brighter, at the same time does not throw sparks around itself and does not hit a large territory.

Like all representatives of Fire, Sagittarius adore a variety of adventures, but they do not rush into them like Aries and do not dream, instead of acting like Leo.

Of all the fire trigon, Sagittarius is in the most advantageous position, possessing a fairly strong fire, but at the same time easily giving in to control. Sagittarius is not consumed by the flame of their passions, like Aries, but at the same time they do not try to contemplate inactively, being content with this action, like Leo. The fire of this sign is even and bright, it gives the required energy in order to move forward.

Career in the life of Sagittarius and the profession of this sign

Sagittarius's career line is usually uneven and seems to go against their nature. They can concentrate their attention on one thing for a long period of time, do this business, but they are never limited to only one specialty, each time starting life from scratch. Concentration and hard work help this sign to achieve success, regardless of the undertaking, however, the closer the Sagittarius approaches the top, the more he is drawn to something unknown and new.

Sagittarians have intuitive intelligence. They see opportunities and take risks

For fearless and active Sagittarius, risky professions are most suitable, which include: rescuers, soldiers, divers, policemen, military journalists, pilots and firefighters. People of this sign clearly follow their choice, if no one interferes with them.

Most Sagittarians love music, which is why they make good composers, musical instrument makers and performers.

Sagittarius is a gambling sign. If they cannot find their place in the business environment, they become regular casino visitors or work on the stock exchange. Only they cannot win in gambling, and they instantly run out of money easily obtained in some strange way.

If Sagittarius sit idle for a while, they begin to suffer. It is for this reason that they need work like air, but sometimes it makes them sacrifice the interests of the family and free time.

Sagittarius Woman

Love, sex, marriage and compatibility

Sagittarius tend to do important things without thinking them over in advance, which invariably affects their family life. They enter into a marriage at an early age, not paying any attention to the advice of others, and afterwards, having suffered disappointment, they do not break for a long time the bonds that hold hands and feet. The fact is that the representatives of this sign are proud and prefer to torture themselves and their partner, rather than admit they have made a mistake. Sagittarius generally tend to praise the hearth, even when its fire is almost extinguished.

Both women and men who were born under this fire sign do not set themselves the main goal of marriage. For complete happiness, they need freedom, for this reason, their chosen ones should not even try to take possession of the other half completely and completely. People of this sign want to see an intelligent and erudite person in their partner, and not just passionate and attractive.

Family life of Sagittarius Bugrist. So, after a period of scandals due to their angry outbursts and excessive eccentricity, there are periods of passion and romance. The representatives of the sign do not know how to correct the mistakes they have made, but gradually they learn to at least just ask for forgiveness for what they have done.

Sagittarius is not the most picky person, but if he is going to spend time with you, then he is damn sure that it will not be in vain

Sagittarius will not refuse to command their other half, but they will not tolerate such an attitude towards themselves. Direct critical statements can seriously offend them, and if Sagittarius are in a bad mood, they will make any nonsense a global problem and bring the situation to a break in relations.

In a marriage, Sagittarius look hot-tempered and unpredictable, because they are used to not showing their feelings and weaknesses to their loved one, and they give vent to feelings only when it becomes impossible to correct mistakes.

The relationship between the two Sagittarius will be interesting, successful, filled with wanderings and adventures. Aries will be a good party for Sagittarius, who will soften his assertiveness and selfishness and understand his rebellious soul.

Sagittarius will be able to pick up the key to the heart of Leo, full of vanity, charging him with a thirst for life and irrepressible energy.

But with Pisces, it is unlikely that something will work out. The fact is that the ardor of the representatives of the sign of Sagittarius can scare away the sensitive and vulnerable Pisces.

For the first time, Sagittarius fall in love in childhood and then always continue to instantly surrender completely and completely to each novel. Sagittarius, being tireless romantics, can easily charm, but at the same time are fickle. From the outside, it seems that they are simply collecting a collection of their love victories, but this opinion is far from reality - Sagittarius falls in love over and over again sincerely and is very worried after parting with another partner.

Sagittarius fire can warm your soul, ignite passion, or ignite everything in its path

Sagittarius should not be blamed for their frivolity, as they are simply overly active. If a Sagittarius can get a partner who can undergo changes with him, or even better follow one step ahead of him, then such a romance predicts to be long and passionate.

True, to achieve this you have to work hard. Sagittarians tend to get fresh erotic experiences by changing their partners rather than working on a relationship with someone they've already charmed.

Sagittarius always have a lot of sexual partners. The point here is also in the fact that they are lucky in love. In addition, they fear the manifestation of a possessive instinct in the future and often limit communication with the object of love to only one sex. The same reason leads to the fact that Sagittarius keep in touch with an unfree person for a long time, since this does not limit their freedom.

Sagittarius are afraid of boredom, and in their sexual life, but they themselves do not offer to try something new, accepting with special enthusiasm the ideas of a partner. They hone their skills without any problems and openly share what they already know with a completely different person.

Love in the life of the Sagittarius sign

Sagittarius health

Sagittarius for the most part are practically not painful. The main enemies of this sign are cold and humidity. Sagittarius often suffer from colds, and the matter is not limited to just coughs and runny nose - the infection goes down, turning into serious diseases of the throat and lungs. It is most difficult for those who smoke, as they indulge their weaknesses and do it even when they are sick.

Sagittarius suffer from rheumatism, which occurs for the reason that they do not dress for the weather and at this time are in the fresh air for a long time. It is hard for those who are engaged in sedentary work - they complain of pain in the back and shoulders.

I am a Sagittarius and we are skeptical

In general, in order to maintain their body in a healthy state, Sagittarius needs the help of a reasonable and calm person who will look after them and tame their energy. Sagittarius are restless, and this affects their peace of mind - in old age they become regulars at the neurological department.

Quite often, Sagittarius are faced with accidents that have consequences that affect their health for a long time. This sign never loses optimism, which helps to maintain fortitude, even during severe illness.

Usually Sagittarius have not very good skin by nature, and most of them suffer from various dermatological diseases.

Sagittarius culinary preferences

Sagittarius are encouraged to eat in moderation, but try to make their diet more varied. In another case, they lean on spicy and fatty foods, completely forgetting about fruits and vegetables, and displacing tea and juice with alcohol, which they should not drink at all.

Sagittarius are advised to be careful with seafood, as Japanese cuisine can provoke their gag reflex and cause nausea. It is better to include fish in the menu baked or boiled without the use of seasonings with sharp taste characteristics and fatty sauces.

It will be helpful to include tomatoes, beans, carrots and cauliflower in your daily diet.

Sagittarius child

Young representatives of the Sagittarius sign are usually cute and charming children, surrounded by attention, and easily acquiring new friends, as well as having a large number of patrons among adults. It's easy to get along with them. They are open to the world from an early age. Sagittarius children speak absolutely without thinking about what they said, and those around them understand that the truth is speaking through the mouth of a baby. If adult Sagittarius do this, they are considered not sufficiently delicate and tactless.

Sagittarius are demanding of adults and of themselves. Such children will not stand and silently listen to reproaches regarding negligence and laziness on their part, especially from those people who themselves cannot shine with accuracy and hard work. For a word, such kids will not crawl into their pockets - as soon as they start talking, rather harsh comments begin to break from their lips.

To achieve the location of the Sagittarius child, and even more so to keep it, is difficult. To do this, you need to have extraordinary abilities and an outstanding mind, in addition to be self-critical, fair, be able to admit your mistakes and ask for forgiveness for what you have done.

If you can't handle the truth, don't ask a Sagittarius to be honest

Sagittarius are curious, but this only hinders their achievements in school. Endless questions lead teachers to a standstill, and the urge to experiment can lead to a dangerous situation. Nevertheless, the main problem is that Sagittarius cannot keep in mind the new information he has received for a long time. He will remember only information that will help to find data or ask someone an exciting question.

Sagittarius have a negative perception of freedom restrictions. Parents will not be able to keep the child at home if he needs to go for a walk, make him read the books he needs, and also decide what to wear for him. However, do not assume that Sagittarius will not take into account the advice and comments - he will analyze them, and then draw his own conclusions.

Sagittarius Child

Sagittarius is an amorous sign from an early age. In any team, they quickly find a special friend. If the Sagittarius-child is disappointed in a romantic relationship, then he experiences these problems easily. Nobody can take away his self-confidence and natural optimism!

Personalities born under the sign of Sagittarius

Brad Pitt, Vanessa Paradis, Ben Stiller, Gustave Flaubert, Chingiz Aitmatov, Walt Disney, Dale Carnegie, Woody Allen, Friedrich Engels, Kim Basinger, Michelle Nostradamus, Jonathan Swift, Ozzy Osbourne, Patricia Kaas, Maria Tüss , Britney Spears, Tina Turner, Tycho Brahe, Gerard Philip, Edith Piaf, Ludwig van Beethoven, Steven Spielberg, Benedict Spinoza, Winston Churchill, Christina Aguilera, Jean Mare, Lope de Vega, Gianni Versace, Heinrich Heine, Mila Berliovic, Hector , Jim Hendrix, Rex Stout, Mark Twain, Bruce Lee.

Compatibility Sagittarius

Business Love Marriage Sex Friendship Compatibility

Rating Sagittarius

1 Place
Senior United States senator from New York
2 Place
3 Place
President of Venezuela
4 Place
5 Place
Deputy Prime Minister of Israel
6 Place
Founder of Rivian
7 Place
8 Place
Governor of New York
9 Place
10 Place
11 Place
Co-founder of the Procter & Gamble
12 Place
Founder of Xiaomi
13 Place
Member of the United States House of Representatives
14 Place
15 Place
Co-founder of Tesla
16 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Qualcomm
17 Place
National Security Advisor to the Vice President of the United States
18 Place
19 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Ark Invest
20 Place
Junior United States senator from New York
21 Place
Founder of Firefly Aerospace
22 Place
Chief Executive Officer of South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC)
23 Place
Press Secretary of White House
24 Place
President of the Americas & International Markets Group, Ford Motor Company
25 Place
Director at Citi Research
26 Place
27 Place
Senior analyst at Gordon Haskett Research
28 Place
29 Place
Chief Financial Officer of Lordstown Motors
30 Place
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