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Horoscope today For sign Taurus

TODAY 7 December 2022. MOON growing, NEW MOON 23 December.

Do not fuss or rush. Today is a dangerous day for Taurus. Any questions you solve may contain errors, so think carefully about your actions. Communication also does not stick, it is impossible to find mutual understanding and the desire to come to a compromise. Internal energy is in excess, it is possible that everything will end in anger, even if there is only a small critical remark addressed to you. Try to refrain from active actions caused by emotions. Negative news will change the course of the situation or lead to a nervous breakdown. In spite of everything, collective rest and joint activities are favorable on this day. A dream today should be prophetic and affect the further course of fate.

Business Horoscope

Today, representatives of the Taurus sign will be impressed by the information they have seen, heard or read the day before. This data will completely unexpectedly affect the nature of your professional activity. The main thing is that what is learned does not have negative consequences. Your manager is extremely loyal today, so expect a salary increase or an increase in the volume of work performed. Hope for the best and trust that the efforts you make will pay off that day.



Taurus who are prone to being overweight should be extremely careful in choosing their diet, otherwise their overall health may deteriorate. Increase the amount of exercise you do, but don't overdo it. Drink on this day pomegranate juice, which will raise hemoglobin in the blood, improve overall health, and strengthen the immune system. Get a good night's sleep, gain strength before one of the difficult days.


Love horoscope

Taurus, smile this day as often and radiantly as possible, but not only to your other half. The sincerity and joy on the face ensures that there will be many good events. You are optimistic and self-confident, so your loved one can only be envied, since it is only him or her that will swim in the rays of happiness. Laziness follows you everywhere today, especially in your personal life. This is evidenced by the fact that there are no erotic fantasies in your head, you are not up to them, despite the fact that your partner is ready for more. Try not to quarrel over this, postpone the night of love until later, and today just rest.


Moon calendar

On the 14th day, the Moon continues to remain young and is in phase II from the first quarter to the full moon. This day is considered the most powerful of the month! You must show determination and strength for a successful outcome of the planned case or a serious undertaking.

You can pray today, including to combat your dark beginnings, but don't overdo it. Don't overload your eyes, don't use strong scents, and try not to look in the mirror. On the fourteenth lunar day, you can experience grief, melancholy, longing and sadness. Wait for a sign from above. Limit sweets in your diet, drink less. The energy center is the intestines. Symbol of the day: Trumpet as the call of the Archangel. Stone: hyacinth.

Moon calendar

Day 14

Today 7 December.
Age of the moon 14.2 Days - growing.
Moon at 397,986 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 147,365,015 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 10:17:56, 23 Dec 2022.


Rating Taurus

Internet entrepreneur and philanthropist, CEO of Facebook
1 Place
Mayor of New York City
2 Place
Secretary of Department of Commerce
3 Place
Actress and singer
4 Place
United States Senator from Arkansas
5 Place
Founder of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
6 Place
President of Ohio State University
7 Place
Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Company
8 Place
Prime Minister of Australia
9 Place
Co-founder of Netflix
10 Place
Co-founder of Duke Energy
11 Place
12 Place
Co-founder of Tesla
13 Place
14 Place
15 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Nike
16 Place
Politician in Nevada
17 Place
Co-founder of Themis Trading
19 Place
Co-founder of The Honest Company
20 Place
Producer, director and screenwriter
21 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Albertsons
22 Place
Senator from Oregon
23 Place
Executive Director of the Alliance for Coney Island
24 Place
President & CEO of the New York Building Congress
25 Place
Chairman of Miami Dolphins
26 Place
Chairman of Irvine Company
27 Place
27th United States Secretary of Defense
28 Place
Chief Executive Officer
29 Place
Chief executive officer and President
30 Place


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