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Horoscope today For sign Taurus

TODAY 17 April 2024. MOON growing, NEW MOON 8 May.

Today Taurus will be full of promising ideas as never before. They will be born to the representatives of this sign literally on the fly. Despite this, the plan for further action will be clear and well thought out. You don't have to try to bring it all to life immediately, just take a note, write it down in a notebook, and use the notes at the right time.

As for other matters, Taurus today is better to appear less often in front of the bosses and give them unnecessary reasons for criticism. Try to complete important things and hide a little. This will only benefit and not add unnecessary hassle.

Business Horoscope

In business, Taurus stars recommend being discreet and neat. Today, at work, a flurry of criticism from management or colleagues can fall. To avoid this, do not start unnecessary conversations and if you catch the eye of the authorities, do not stand out from the crowd.

Attracting money and success Taurus will help to establish business connections for the future, work independently and do household chores. You should not take initiative, no matter how good it seems to you. Responsible conversations with partners are also best postponed for another day.



This area does not bode Taurus of a particularly good day today. These signs can be easily plunged into despondency, which will affect their health in a not very favorable way. Do not let anyone offend you, keep a good mood and common sense, so you will save yourself from possible pain in the chest and heart.

Spend the rest of the day alone or in a quiet family environment over a cup of tea. Talk less, rather immerse yourself in reading or watching a movie.


Love horoscope

The love front Taurus will be quite dangerous and not a promise of a well-spent time. From the side of the second half, these signs can become a victim of a real energy vampire. Such a person may turn out to be, without wanting to. Grunting and unnecessary criticism will just act as sharp fangs. In order not to be bitten and get painful injury - feel free to enter into a conversation and give your offender a cultural rebuff.


Moon calendar

On the ninth day, the Moon is young and is in phase II from the first quarter to the full moon, growing. This day is full of failures, gloomy thoughts, fears, feelings of anxiety overcome. Things may not go according to plan due to the surrounding negativity. Keep your feelings to yourself, be humble, take more time to work.

If you get sick that day, then for sure it is serious, therefore do not take your health lightly. Fast and do yoga to protect your energy. Avoid any mushrooms in your diet to avoid poisoning. Dreams on the 9th lunar day are not prophetic. The energy center is the chest. Symbols of the day: Milky Way, Bat. Stones: serpentine serpentine, rauchtopaz, alexandrite, black pearls.

Moon calendar

Day 9

Today 17 April.
Age of the moon 8.9 Days - growing.
Moon at 401,403 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 150,223,376 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 3:24:19, 8 May 2024.


Rating Taurus

American comedian
1 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Pershing Square Tontine Holdings
2 Place
American rapper, singer, songwriter
3 Place
American singer, rapper, and flutist
4 Place
American author, journalist, and professor
5 Place
Spanish professional tennis player
6 Place
American singer and actress
7 Place
American country music singer-songwriter
8 Place
Internet entrepreneur and philanthropist, CEO of Facebook
9 Place
British-American comedian
10 Place
American comedian and actress
11 Place
American professional baseball pitcher
12 Place
American professional baseball shortstop for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball (MLB)
13 Place
French actress
14 Place
American football coach
15 Place
Chairman of Miami Dolphins
16 Place
Sportscaster for ESPN
17 Place
American sports analyst
18 Place
American professional golfer
19 Place
American sportscaster
20 Place
English professional golfer
21 Place
Secretary of Department of Commerce
22 Place
13th lieutenant governor of Georgia
23 Place
Brazilian-American actress
24 Place
Spanish actress
25 Place
South Korean actress
26 Place
Indian filmmaker
27 Place
Indian actor
28 Place
American footballer
29 Place
30 Place

Personal horoscope

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