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Horoscope today For sign Cancer

TODAY 18 August 2022. MOON decreasing, NEW MOON 27 August.

Cancer expects a dual time today. Active periods will be followed by periods of deceleration. The circumstances of the day will draw attention to the signs from others, so make sure you look perfect at the right time. The stars advise to keep optimism and creative mood in any business.

In the middle of the day, the level of tension can increase significantly. In relation to Cancer, as to credulous signs, dishonesty may appear, hide information. The ability to compromise will allow today to resolve conflicts and accept the people around you, no matter how strongly they correspond to your interests and the needs of others.

Business Horoscope

Today, Cancer needs to build good relationships with superiors. Feel free to take the initiative into your own hands. You will be able to get out of any difficult situations. It is noteworthy that the more risky the business, the more noticeably you will show your business qualities. However, you should not count on a quick result.

It is possible that secret rumors will spread from colleagues or opponents. This kind of hostility will spoil your mood. But don't be discouraged. Previously started creative projects will start to generate income.



Today Cancer will have muscle and respiratory system vulnerabilities. Limit the strain on your hands. The stars recommend taking preventive measures to protect against infectious diseases. Dress warmly to avoid hypothermia.

If you have a large number of trips on public transport, take a disinfectant with you and minimize communication with other people.

In the afternoon, Cancer is not recommended for examinations or tests.


Love horoscope

Relationships and love affairs will delight Cancer today. Spend the upcoming holidays and joint events in a narrow family circle. Appreciate the reliable rear and the work that your partner does for you. Children will delight family signs with their success. However, do not forget and properly appreciate their diligence.

For lonely signs, the stars promise a great evening in the company of beautiful strangers. Try not to miss your chance.


Moon calendar

On the twenty-second day, the Moon is decreasing and is in the III phase from the full moon to the IV quarter. The day is not very successful, unfavorable. Day of energy turn, wisdom, new knowledge, ideas and solutions. Be an altruist today, teach others or learn yourself, show generosity, ask about the roots. The knowledge gained should be directed towards good goals.

Dreams, especially colored ones, will come true. You will receive an answer to an exciting question in them. Don't limit yourself to spiritual and physical food. The energy center is the lower back, sacrum, pelvic girdle. Symbols: Golden Key or Magic Wand, Scroll, Elephant. Day stones: amber, blue jasper, blue sapphire, blue jade, blue agate.

Moon calendar

Day 22

Today 18 August.
Age of the moon 21.8 Days - decreasing.
Moon at 396,586 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 151,400,679 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 8:16:55, 27 Aug 2022.


Rating Cancer

CEO of Tesla
1 Place
45th President of the United States
2 Place
Chief executive officer of The Walt Disney Company
3 Place
Vice chairman of XPeng
4 Place
Senator from Arizona
5 Place
6 Place
7 Place
Vice President
8 Place
Chairman and Chief executive officer
9 Place
Chief financial officer at Alphabet
10 Place
Visual artist
11 Place
Minister of Health in South Africa
12 Place
United States Deputy Secretary of State
13 Place
Actor and producer
14 Place
Prime Minister of Iraq
15 Place
Founder of the Virgin Galactic
16 Place
Businessman and CEO of Verizon Communications
17 Place
Writer and film maker
18 Place
Founder of Firefly Aerospace
19 Place
20 Place
Chief Market Technician at Bay Crest Partners
21 Place
Founder of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group
22 Place
Vice Chair of the Senate Democratic Caucus
23 Place
Chairman of Carnival Corporation & Plc
24 Place
25 Place
32nd Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission
26 Place
4th Director of the National Economic Council
27 Place
Publishing executive
28 Place
Co-Founder of Neuralink
29 Place
General President
30 Place


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