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Horoscope today For sign Scorpio

TODAY 1 June 2023. MOON growing, NEW MOON 18 June.

Today, Scorpio has errors in paperwork, misunderstandings with management and officials. Particular care must be taken to representatives of the sign who are engaged in creativity, since it will be very difficult to keep luck in their occupation, and if you catch it, you can lose it. If you receive a favorable offer, refuse it due to low reliability. For men, this is an unfavorable day. Your life potential leaves much to be desired, conflict situations with partners and bosses may arise. Health problems are not excluded. Female representatives will meet with a partner or unexpected news that will change all plans. Do not drink alcohol on this day and avoid driving fast.

Business Horoscope

On this day, Scorpio are firmly directed towards their goal, bypassing all sorts of obstacles. Stop for a second, as moving ahead, you will not take into account something important. Perseverance is good, but don't forget strategy. Refuse rash decisions made spontaneously, most likely they will be useless in your professional field. If you are resting today, then forget about work and enjoy socializing with your family.



Now Scorpio is very difficult to gather strength, so relax and try to spend time with benefits for yourself and your health. The most important thing is to get the maximum of positive emotions during your vacation. For example, visit a massage parlor or spa treatments. You will get a good effect from alternative treatments, but use them with extreme caution and only after consulting your doctor.


Love horoscope

Today Scorpio needs to be put aside and not serious. Spend time with your kids, take them to the circus or zoo, or go bowling with friends. Feel like a child, make your family a holiday. On the love front, this day is different. A loved one is not happy with you, you clearly dislike him. Prove the opposite using all possible and impossible ways. The stars are convinced that you can handle the task. On this day, try on a new image during a love game.


Moon calendar

On the eleventh day, the moon is young and is in phase II from the first quarter to the full moon. The day is considered one of the best of the month. You begin to feel high vitality. Business will require care and caution. Be sure to follow them through! You should not doubt your abilities, as this will lead to unpredictable events.

Handle piercing and cutting objects more carefully! Dreams are full of useful information, mostly prophetic. The energy center is the spine - the trunk of the Ancestral Tree. Symbols of the day: Crown, Fire Sword. The most intimate is the Labyrinth with the Minotaur, which must be defeated. Stones: hematite (bloodstone), carnelian, fire opal.

Moon calendar

Day 11

Today 1 June.
Age of the moon 11.4 Days - growing.
Moon at 389,311 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 151,698,026 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 4:39:10, 18 Jun 2023.


Rating Scorpio


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