Horoscope today For sign Scorpio

TODAY 20 April 2024. MOON growing, NEW MOON 8 May.

The lies expressed today by Scorpio will certainly have consequences for you, and the most unpredictable ones. Avoid intrigues and shameless acts, as you can lose a lot irretrievably, as well as experience a sense of shame for what you have done. This day is favorable for thinking about the meaning of life and independent work on a case that has not previously been reached. Spend a few hours alone with yourself and success in your endeavors is guaranteed. Avoid communicating with people to prevent unpredictable consequences, including for them. Cancel important meetings and personal conversations today.

Business Horoscope

It is better to deal with urgent matters Scorpio today right in the morning, but this does not apply to negotiations on business and communication with colleagues. You are overwhelmed with energy, so remember to control your emotions. Some important meetings on this day are destined to fail. In the evening, an exciting issue will be resolved, so be determined, with the proper amount of assertiveness and aggression. Today it is difficult to find a common language with you for representatives of other zodiac signs.



Energy is overflowing today Scorpio, do not stop there, but do not overestimate your strength. Be active and proactive, especially during exercise. On this day, you will receive a lot of useful information about a healthy lifestyle. Also, this day is ideal to get rid of the addiction, so be sure to try something unusual and new for yourself.


Love horoscope

Be discreet and discreet on this day. Difficulties in communicating with ill-wishers and relatives are not excluded. Your partner will probably refuse to accept your position or withdraw from the fighting. Nevertheless, you will certainly have a chance to get information about his weaknesses and shortcomings. Do not resolve controversial issues today and do not even try to mend previously spoiled relationships with your loved one.


Moon calendar

On the eleventh day, the moon is young and is in phase II from the first quarter to the full moon. The day is considered one of the best of the month. You begin to feel high vitality. Business will require care and caution. Be sure to follow them through! You should not doubt your abilities, as this will lead to unpredictable events.

Handle piercing and cutting objects more carefully! Dreams are full of useful information, mostly prophetic. The energy center is the spine - the trunk of the Ancestral Tree. Symbols of the day: Crown, Fire Sword. The most intimate is the Labyrinth with the Minotaur, which must be defeated. Stones: hematite (bloodstone), carnelian, fire opal.

Moon calendar

Day 11

Today 20 April.
Age of the moon 11.3 Days - growing.
Moon at 405,459 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 150,331,662 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 3:24:19, 8 May 2024.


Rating Scorpio

46th President of the United States
1 Place
2 Place
American comedian, actor
3 Place
4 Place
Dominican professional baseball outfielder for the New York Yankees
5 Place
Canadian-American actor
6 Place
American film director
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American actress and producer
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Canadian actor
11 Place
American filmmaker and animator
12 Place
British professional tennis player
13 Place
former world No. 1 tennis player
14 Place
American media personality
15 Place
American former footballer
16 Place
Russian professional tennis player
17 Place
Canadian-American comedian
18 Place
Italian professional tennis player
19 Place
Swedish professional golfer
20 Place
English professional wrestler
21 Place
American businesswoman and inventor
22 Place
83rd governor of Georgia
23 Place
American model
24 Place
American basketball player
25 Place
67th United States Secretary of State
26 Place
Editor-in-Chief of Vogue
27 Place
Indian film producer
28 Place
American television personality
29 Place
South Korean producer and television director
30 Place


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