Horoscope week For sign Scorpio

TODAY 17 July 2024. MOON growing, NEW MOON 4 August.

The current week for Scorpio will be busy enough. A large number of trips, important meetings with clients or business partners, and business calls are expected. Be extremely careful. Due to such a congestion and distraction of attention, there is a risk of deception and the receipt of false information, which you can not immediately distinguish. Therefore, it is important to analyze everything that happens and, without a grain of regret, immediately say goodbye to unnecessary acquaintances and people.

Fortune will smile Scorpio towards the end of the week. Do not miss it at the moment when you plunge into routine affairs, tackle minor problems. So not far away and get lost in three pines, and all undertakings will end in vain.

Business Horoscope

The stars recommend Scorpio to decide what they want. It’s in your best interest to be stable, not tossed about in circles. Take care of the things you have already started, and be patient. Everything will happen a little later than you expected.

It is not recommended to take out loans, borrow or enter into important transactions throughout the week. Before deciding on a large purchase, heed the advice of experienced people. As for the weekend, the situation will turn in such a way that Scorpio will have to fight for their rights.



Due to a lot of stress and a busy work schedule, the excessive emotionality of Scorpio simply cannot be avoided. However, the signs forget a little that the normal functioning of the digestive system directly depends on emotions. This means that you may be worried about diseases such as gastritis and ulcers. Aggravation is not excluded. Sedatives and treatments will be helpful. Go to the doctor, get tested and refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages.


Love horoscope

Your beloved Scorpio most of all wants to hear from you verbal confirmation of love and devotion. The first half of the week is perfect for spending time together. You can participate in recreational activities together. Your charm and wit will be appreciated.

To delight yourself and your loved ones, go shopping together. Only spend money rationally so that you don't have to regret rash purchases later.


Moon calendar

On the eleventh day, the moon is young and is in phase II from the first quarter to the full moon. The day is considered one of the best of the month. You begin to feel high vitality. Business will require care and caution. Be sure to follow them through! You should not doubt your abilities, as this will lead to unpredictable events.

Handle piercing and cutting objects more carefully! Dreams are full of useful information, mostly prophetic. The energy center is the spine - the trunk of the Ancestral Tree. Symbols of the day: Crown, Fire Sword. The most intimate is the Labyrinth with the Minotaur, which must be defeated. Stones: hematite (bloodstone), carnelian, fire opal.

Moon calendar

Day 11

Today 17 July.
Age of the moon 10.6 Days - growing.
Moon at 392,973 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 152,036,211 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 11:14:21, 4 Aug 2024.


Rating Scorpio

46th President of the United States
1 Place
2 Place
American comedian, actor
3 Place
4 Place
former world No. 1 tennis player
5 Place
American actor
6 Place
Dominican professional baseball outfielder for the New York Yankees
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Canadian-American actor
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Professional footballer
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Australian professional basketball player
10 Place
American film director
11 Place
American comedian and actress
12 Place
American actress and producer
13 Place
14 Place
English actor
15 Place
British professional tennis player
16 Place
American former footballer
17 Place
Russian professional tennis player
18 Place
Canadian-American comedian
19 Place
Italian professional tennis player
20 Place
Swedish professional golfer
21 Place
English comedian
22 Place
American businesswoman and inventor
23 Place
83rd governor of Georgia
24 Place
American model
25 Place
American basketball player
26 Place
67th United States Secretary of State
27 Place
Indian film producer
28 Place
American television personality
29 Place
South Korean producer and television director
30 Place


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