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Horoscope week For sign Aries

TODAY 27 November 2022. MOON growing, NEW MOON 23 December.

The environment for Aries will be somewhat tense. However, this will only call on the signs to be organized, collected and order. If you have already decided what the main goals for the near future are facing you, then you need to act immediately in the right direction, without being distracted by trifles. Otherwise, if you stop, you run the risk of losing the positions you have already won and strongly backing down.

Also, Aries shouldn't count on outside help or support yet. However, you do not need this. You can achieve your goal on your own, without unnecessary advice and comments. In order not to listen to reproaches and stories later that you yourself cannot do anything.

Business Horoscope

The main condition for professional growth this week will be a creative approach to any business. Aries should avoid verbosity. The criterion for evaluating your work will be the results that speak for themselves, and not your ability to present your person in a favorable light.

The stars are advised to study the reaction of others, especially the analysis of why it is negative. You will only benefit from knowing everything yourself, getting the necessary hardness and hardening. But in communication, keep objectivity, do not judge others harshly, and yourself do not find yourself under fire of unfair criticism.



Aries this week you need to be on the lookout. Electric shock possible. Therefore, check all devices at home and at work well, use only grounded and serviceable electrical equipment. Do not play pranks with your children's power outlets. Exercise caution when traveling on diesel vehicles and the metro.

Also, now is the time to start fighting bad habits. Take at least a few steps in the right direction. Trust me, you will be proud of yourself later.


Love horoscope

The current week for Aries is the time of radical changes on the love front. For lonely hearts, the stars promise a good opportunity to find not just a couple, but also a real life partner. The weekend promises to be exciting and eventful for trips and romantic dates.

Of family signs and those who have children, the stars are advised to spend time with the family. Get kids interested in creative projects, go to an amusement park, come up with a script for a small home show, or learn something new together.


Moon calendar

The fourth lunar day starts from the new moon and lasts until the first quarter (I phase of the moon). The sickle in the sky is slowly growing. This day is the first in a series of unfavorable days. Astrologers advise today to do gardening, study history, restore relationships with loved ones. Remember the past, remember the dead.

The day is full of positive and negative in equal amounts. Beware of temptations and temptations, retire. Dreams seen on the 4th lunar day have a chance to be fulfilled. Keep in mind that your parents may appear in the dream. The energy center is the larynx and throat. Symbol: the right to choose between good and evil, the Tree of Knowledge. Stones: sardonyx, green jade, amazonite.

Moon calendar

Day 4

Today 27 November.
Age of the moon 4 Days - growing.
Moon at 363,304 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 147,594,558 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 10:17:56, 23 Dec 2022.


Rating Aries

1 Place
Speaker of the United States House of Representatives
2 Place
Founder of Spotify
3 Place
U.S. Deputy Leader of State
4 Place
Foreign Minister of Russia
5 Place
Foreign Minister of Republic of Korea
6 Place
Managing Director at Wedbush Securities
7 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Boeing
8 Place
Co-founder of the Procter & Gamble
9 Place
Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Apple
10 Place
Chief Executive Officer
11 Place
chairman of the Walt Disney Company
12 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Duke Energy
13 Place
President of Colombian
14 Place
Colombian politician
15 Place
President of Argentina
16 Place
President of Harley-Davidson
17 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Visa
18 Place
American lawyer
19 Place
Co-founder of The Honest Company
20 Place
CEO of Procter & Gamble
21 Place
Founder of Pfizer
22 Place
Chief financial officer at Facebook
23 Place
Member of the New York City Council
24 Place
25 Place
Member of the New York Assembly from the 49th District
26 Place
27 Place
28 Place
29 Place
Chairman and chief executive officer
30 Place


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