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Horoscope today For sign Capricorn

TODAY 18 August 2022. MOON decreasing, NEW MOON 27 August.

At the start of the day, Capricorn will be overwhelmed with plans. Some of them will want to take a trip, while others will dream of a promotion or an expensive purchase. Weekends or the end of the day are suitable for the implementation of plans. This time will also become promising for Streltsov in terms of cooperation with foreign partners. Include all your thinking and act. It will be necessary to sign contracts and conclude important deals in the near future. Otherwise, you will have to deal with paperwork for a long time, which will bring no benefit.

Traveling and trips to new places will help Capricorn to establish contacts with relatives. So take a moment and plan a little vacation well.

Business Horoscope

In matters of finance, the day for Capricorn will be ambiguous. If these signs do not begin to carry out what was planned in time, then they can ruin the whole business that has been started. You will not be able to strengthen your position for long, then you will have to prove to everyone that you deservedly got a good position at work. The day can be difficult, it is possible that colleagues or bosses will accuse you of something. Don't waste your energy trying to prove your case.



Today Capricorn is undesirable to be on long walks, and to go on hiking trips, leave this venture until the next weekend. Otherwise, pain in the hips and sacrum area may occur, and the legs will become too tired.

It is possible that the weather will have a bad effect on the representatives of this sign. So go to the gym or take a warm bath to avoid getting depressed and getting caught up in a cold or flu. Breathing exercises and yoga will be successful loads.


Love horoscope

In the morning, Capricorn, inspired by a future trip, can strengthen their position in the company or in a relationship with a loved one. Take a moment and have a heart-to-heart talk. Your originality and sincerity will conquer any partner.

Lonely signs won't be bored. Soon, their expectation is an acquaintance with the opposite sex, which will bring many good memories and joyful moments wherever it happens. Therefore, you can safely go in search of new love.


Moon calendar

On the twenty-second day, the Moon is decreasing and is in the III phase from the full moon to the IV quarter. The day is not very successful, unfavorable. Day of energy turn, wisdom, new knowledge, ideas and solutions. Be an altruist today, teach others or learn yourself, show generosity, ask about the roots. The knowledge gained should be directed towards good goals.

Dreams, especially colored ones, will come true. You will receive an answer to an exciting question in them. Don't limit yourself to spiritual and physical food. The energy center is the lower back, sacrum, pelvic girdle. Symbols: Golden Key or Magic Wand, Scroll, Elephant. Day stones: amber, blue jasper, blue sapphire, blue jade, blue agate.

Moon calendar

Day 22

Today 18 August.
Age of the moon 21.8 Days - decreasing.
Moon at 396,598 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 151,400,593 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 8:16:55, 27 Aug 2022.


Rating Capricorn

1 Place
Industrialist, media proprietor, and investor
2 Place
Memer of the Federal Reserve Board
3 Place
4 Place
Foreign Minister of Japan
5 Place
President of North Korea
6 Place
7 Place
Chief Medical Advisor to the President
8 Place
9 Place
Comic book writer
10 Place
The first president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)
11 Place
12 Place
Governor of Ohio
13 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Alibaba Group
14 Place
President and CEO of PayPal
15 Place
Founder of Honeywell
16 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Discovery
17 Place
Co-founder of Duke Energy
18 Place
Member of the New York City Council from the 2nd district
19 Place
Australian Minister for Climate Change and Energy
20 Place
21 Place
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, General Motors Company
22 Place
Actress and singer
23 Place
Founder and CEO of Caruso
24 Place
25 Place
CEO of Greystar Real Estate Partners
26 Place
25th National Security Advisor
27 Place
Chief Financial Officer of the Snap
28 Place
70th United States Secretary of State
29 Place
digital consultant and political advisor at the Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign
30 Place


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