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Horoscope month For sign Capricorn

TODAY 8 October 2022. MOON growing, NEW MOON 25 October.

The first day of this month for Capricorn will be active in the areas of inheritance, real estate loans and cars.

Fifth stars foresee breaks and troubles with relatives. Emotions will overwhelm you. The peak of activity will come on the twenty-first. It is on this day that you deal with banks, loans, inheritance, financial resources. Higher education, advertising, law and publishing will do well. On the twenty-second, conflicts with parents and work colleagues are not excluded. On the twenty-third, your means of communication will begin to break down. Expect bad news that day! On the 27th, it is better to direct activity to travel and recreation with your family.

Business Horoscope

Do not expect this month to be successful and easy for Capricorn. Progress awaits you in commercial and professional affairs, but only if you make serious efforts to do so. Discipline yourself by focusing exclusively on one thing. Only then will you succeed in this matter. In the second decade, there will be an improvement in the situation, which will lead to the fact that you will find a new source of income. At the same time, plan long-term cooperation negotiations.



In the first half of the month Capricorn, you should focus on the influence of the Luminaries, because of which you will be sorely lacking vitality and energy. However, if you spend enough time on your health, it will not let you down. In the second half of the period, Mars bestows power, but still be careful, as the risk of injury or inflammation is at the highest level. Watch out for injury or twisting your leg. If you feel danger, move slowly.


Love horoscope

Free representatives of the Capricorn sign should be ready to fall dizzily in love this month, and mutually. A passionate romance awaits you, but due to stubbornness and high self-esteem, the rapprochement will be somewhat complicated. Moderate your creativity and do not artificially wind up the jealousy of your beloved (beloved). If you are in a couple, then in the first decade, show guardianship, forgive whims and demonstrate wisdom to your partner, after which you yourself will turn into a small child who will flatter and eager to take a walk.


Moon calendar

On the thirteenth day, the Moon is young and is still in phase II. Now is the time for learning, nevertheless try to assimilate the information gradually. Wait for the emergence of long-forgotten problems and situations from the past. Get rid of them right away so that you have the strength to carry out new things.

You can check karma today. If it is normal, then the 13th lunar day will be similar to the 12th day. To do this, in the evening, analyze the events of two days. Cosmetics are good for you today, along with drugs. The energy center is the pancreas and stomach. Day stone: noble opal. Symbols: Spinning Wheel, Wheel.

Moon calendar

Day 13

Today 8 October.
Age of the moon 12.7 Days - growing.
Moon at 373,044 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 149,469,173 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 10:48:20, 25 Oct 2022.


Rating Capricorn

1 Place
Industrialist, media proprietor, and investor
2 Place
Memer of the Federal Reserve Board
3 Place
4 Place
Foreign Minister of Japan
5 Place
President of North Korea
6 Place
7 Place
Chief Medical Advisor to the President
8 Place
9 Place
Comic book writer
10 Place
The first president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)
11 Place
12 Place
Governor of Ohio
13 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Alibaba Group
14 Place
President and CEO of PayPal
15 Place
Founder of Honeywell
16 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Discovery
17 Place
Co-founder of Duke Energy
18 Place
Member of the New York City Council from the 2nd district
19 Place
Australian Minister for Climate Change and Energy
20 Place
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, General Motors Company
21 Place
Actress and singer
22 Place
Founder and CEO of Caruso
23 Place
24 Place
CEO of Greystar Real Estate Partners
25 Place
25th National Security Advisor
26 Place
Chief Financial Officer of the Snap
27 Place
70th United States Secretary of State
28 Place
digital consultant and political advisor at the Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign
29 Place
Chairman, president and chief executive officer
30 Place


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