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Horoscope year For sign Sagittarius

TODAY 5 February 2023. MOON growing, NEW MOON 20 February.

The year of the star portends Sagittarius moderately tense and difficult. There will be many difficult periods that will require special skills and efforts. If you cope with all the tests, you will receive a great reward. Get ready for great and meaningful accomplishments. During this period, do what you have been putting off for a long time.

The first part of the year will be the most intense. Nevertheless, you have enough strength to cope with all obstacles and win a prize. Take care of yourself by making time for quality rest. Business trips abroad will be successful, especially if you go on vacation. If there is an opportunity to enjoy the world's sights, do not miss it. Everything is stable at work. The management shows calmness and benevolence towards the duties you have performed, and this cannot but rejoice.

Business Horoscope

The only one supplying financial problems Sagittarius this year is themselves. The most significant difficulties will be brought by simple carelessness to small details. There is no need to hesitate to re-read the same document twice - maybe it will help. Sit in a couple of puddles several times. Not necessarily, of course, in everything indiscriminately, only in those, having plunged into which, you can spray your competitors.



If Sagittarius is very nervous and angry this year, they will get themselves a nervous breakdown. Therefore, try not to overwork and rest more. Also, try to shed the burden and just relax. You will be strong and energetic, but your powerful energy may end abruptly, for this very reason, do not take work home and do not deal with professional problems on the weekend. Remember one truth - the guarantee of high-quality work is in high-quality rest.


Love horoscope

Year for Sagittarius will be successful in terms of love affairs. People of the opposite sex will be drawn to you. Men of this sign will appear before their ladies as masters. Just try not to overdo it with leadership skills! Women will appreciate your courage, which will help in seduction. Female representatives will be drawn to experiments. Passion will help you open up to your partner and take your relationship to the next level. Loners this year will meet their love and begin a sex life full of harmony.


Moon calendar

On the fifteenth day, the moon is in phase II from the first quarter to the full moon. The time is unfavorable, therefore, be careful, rest more, do not succumb to temptations. Avoid scandals and don't accept any gifts. Stay on the side of justice!

If the full moon occurs on the 15th day, then for the next fourteen days you will be emotionally unstable. If on the 16th day, they are balanced. Revelations and prophetic dreams await you. Viburnum juice, as well as hot, spicy and coarsely ground food, will benefit the body today. The energy center is the diaphragm and pancreas. Symbols of the day: Winged jackal, Serpent. Stones: jet, morion, agate.

Moon calendar

Day 15

Today 5 February.
Age of the moon 14.6 Days - growing.
Moon at 405,037 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 147,511,492 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 7:09:05, 20 Feb 2023.


Rating Sagittarius

1 Place
President of Venezuela
2 Place
3 Place
Deputy Prime Minister of Israel
4 Place
Governor of New York
5 Place
6 Place
British-American businessman
7 Place
8 Place
Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer
9 Place
Co-founder of Tesla
10 Place
National Security Advisor to the Vice President of the United States
11 Place
12 Place
Senator from Virginia
13 Place
Chief economist of investment bank Goldman Sachs
14 Place
American journalist
15 Place
English film director and producer
16 Place
Canadian actor
17 Place
18 Place
Vice President of Colombia
19 Place
Member of the Senate of Pakistan
20 Place
21 Place
Argentine film director
22 Place
Austrian filmmaker
23 Place
Founder of Ripple Labs
24 Place
Senior United States senator from New York
25 Place
CEO of Hyatt
26 Place
Chief Executive Officer of Epic Games
27 Place
Secretary of the Treasury
28 Place
Chief Executive Officer of World Resources Institute
29 Place
30 Place


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