23 July - 22 August

About the sign

General characteristics of the sign of Leo

Leo is classified as an active sign. This is noticeable in the nature of the people born under it. All of them, in most cases, are extroverts, rotating in the center of the life of society and themselves setting it in motion. Leo's is always drawn to strong personalities. Nevertheless, the tutelage of the weak is nothing more than the desire to endow them with a hundredth part of their incredible energy.

If events turn out in a favorable way for Leo, his strength will increase significantly, and if fate does not favor the "king of beasts", then he will turn into a capricious, fierce and absolutely inactive person.

Leo sign

Looking from a different position, finding himself in a situation that requires an immediate reaction, Leo loses a sense of fear, thanks to which he moves forward where it is better to show at least the slightest caution or just cheat. The gift of Levs lies in the fact that they are not attracted to people, but people themselves are drawn to them. Even despite their often complex nature ... Leo's may not do absolutely anything, and friends will appear on their own.

Leo's are endowed with a strong will. Their decisions do not depend on anyone, but they consider it their duty to influence the behavior of others, because they are convinced that they are infallible and right.

Extraordinary self-control usually compensates for the excessive emotionality of the representatives of the Leo sign, which is based on a complete unwillingness to show their true emotions in any way to those who, in their opinion, are not worthy of seeing them.

The strong character of Lions, as a rule, is built from bricks that were thrown at him

Perceiving others as somewhat inferior to themselves in mental abilities, Leo's often run the risk of being betrayed or deceived, and this inevitably leads to serious experiences and a depressive state.

Representatives of the Leo sign are overly ambitious, lazy, but at the same time strong. All their lives they strive to reach great heights, but they do not forget to rely on fate, not wasting themselves in an active struggle for luck and all kinds of benefits. Luck for them is a matter of course.

Leo's do not accept criticism, therefore they perceive it painfully and sharply. They consider themselves superior to others, for this reason they are firmly convinced that only their "royal" blood is capable of evaluating the actions and deeds of the "subjects" of people from the environment.

Basically, Leo's always has a lot of friends, but not all of them are warmly disposed. Often their social circle consists of helpful or potentially helpful people whose personal merit is irrelevant. In most cases, Leo's themselves regret it, but continue to behave in a similar way. Representatives of this sign do not know how to learn from their mistakes. If they win in something, then they explain it solely by their own merits, and if they face failures, they rely on the vicissitudes of fate.

Leo's hate flattering, lies, and gossip behind their backs. Don't like something? Tell Leo about it in the eyes. What was said behind the back will remain there with the one who said it

Male lions are surprisingly quickly addicted not only to women, but also to new ideas. They are incredibly vain and at the same time incapable of healthy competition. They simply leave the battlefield, being lazy to oppose the opponent. For this reason, their children are most often brought up by mothers alone, from whom the father of the family leaves, going to look for new prey.

Female lions are constantly surrounded by a large number of fans, and each of them anxiously preserves the memory for a long time. They are extremely active and have the gift of keeping up with almost everything: making a brilliant career, making social events, solving household problems, raising children. It should be noted that women born under this sign often marry wealthy people, but not because they follow cold prudence, but for the reason that it is much easier for them to fall in love with an accomplished and successful person than with a poor one, but with great prospects for the future.

Leo man

Leo sign element

Leo belongs to the fiery element, and it is not just fire, but fire burning exclusively in a luxurious fireplace.

People of this sign are warm and positive, but they demand protection from the gusty wind and friendly support in response from others. Leo's fire burns with an even flame, not strong, but evenly and steadily. He warms with his warmth without burning. However, sometimes this is not enough.

Leo has enough strength to maintain constant heat, but the fire emanating from this sign will not be able to melt the ice, if only for the reason that Leo simply does not need it. Leo is hot only for elected representatives, and spends its energy only when the enterprise portends a resounding success, recognized by society.

Among the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), Leo is more rational in spending its resources, and its flame is more decorative.

Career in the life of Leo's and the profession of this sign

Regardless of the place that Leo occupies in life, he never ceases to strive for a dominant position. If he is not endowed with business abilities from birth, in order to achieve heights in business, he can get a job, for example, as a teacher at school, because it is in this place that Leo will be surrounded by people who listen to every word he says.

Other in-demand professions for representatives of the Leo sign are a psychiatrist and a politician. The most interesting thing is that on the way to power, Lions are only with a low degree of probability able to explain what they want most of all - to make happy those who are in need of it or to get satisfaction of their own ambitions. Although it has been proven that people of this sign never wish anything bad to anyone, always only good.

Leo's are quite independent and hate asking for favors. They'd rather do it all on their own

If Leo got the position of a manager at any enterprise, be it a huge corporation or just a small company, he will with great pleasure take on the responsibility of finding new partners and conducting important negotiations, since cost accounting, planning, and routine matters seem to be overly boring tasks.

On the way to success, Leo can be hindered by two qualities of their character - a complete inability to compete and an extremely frivolous attitude to money. It can be difficult to convince a Leo in a leading position to include money for an advertising campaign in his expenses: he is convinced of his exceptional superiority over the rest and believes that everything is known to everyone, so there is no need to spend money. However, he will not regret money for corporate events and finishing work in the office, but in vain, because they could find more useful use.

Leo woman

Love, sex, marriage and compatibility

After vanity, Leo's second weakness is the thirst for love.

Lions cannot imagine their life without love, so they have a large number of sexual partners in their entire life. Leo's novels are short-term, but full-fledged. These are not just casual connections. Parting with a loved one is extremely difficult for representatives of this sign, and they find consolation only in the arms of a new object of love.

Leo's are jealous, but they try not to prove that they are superior to others, since laziness is inherent in their nature. When they are defeated on the love front, they blame anyone for this, but by no means themselves. Ideally, relations from the point of view of representatives of this sign should develop as follows: the person you like rushes into their arms, and then turns into an obedient and ready to satisfy any cherished desire of the master of the slave. The most interesting thing is that in most cases this is the case.

Lions have a fragile heart squeezed between a strong mind

Lions easily go to sexual provocations. Most of them are simply promiscuous, and also tend to quickly break off relations with a partner. Lions sincerely regret this afterwards, but consider it beneath their dignity to correct mistakes or ask for forgiveness.

In love, as in deeds, Leo's  lose their minds, so they often get into really dangerous and unpleasant stories, from which only phenomenal luck allows them to get out of them.

Throughout life, love for Leo is extremely important. Leo's heart is constantly busy, or it is simply broken. Being a group of extroverts, they trust everyone, without exception, their experiences.

The life partner for this sign must have softness, be gentle and affectionate, and also occupy a dominant position in the family. The highly developed instinct of the owner requires from the partner complete obedience, constant recognition of his merits, admiration and respect.

Leo is annoyed by people who talk a lot but don't take action

The expressed desire to dominate leads to a reckless entry into a marriage union with a person in something weaker than them, for example, inferior in intelligence, age or social status. Later, they begin to regret what they did, realizing that they have become the victim of sober calculation or deception. In addition, Lions, even in a married couple, feel lonely if they have not found a person equal to themselves in a partner.

For Leo to become happy, he must be adored, but few can give him this. This especially applies to the practical Cancer, fascinated by the problems of all mankind Aquarius and eternally occupied only with themselves Aries.

Leo will be able to achieve harmony in alliance with his own sign, but only on condition that a third person, for example, a housekeeper, will be engaged in household chores.

A good partner for Leo is a smart Virgo, only she will play a leading role in your union.

Sagittarius will help a little to soften the selfishness of Leo, and Capricorn will selflessly admire his other half and rejoice in his successes and achievements.

The lions in love

Leo's health

Leo's health is usually strong, but they pay little attention to caring for him. For example, it is better not to go to a party, but to sleep, or eat a healthy dish instead of a harmful and tasty one. Leo, accordingly, will do the opposite, which will later regret. Being condescending to doctors, representatives of the sign often start the disease only for the reason that there is no worthy specialist in their environment who could be completely trusted.

Leo's are often prone to various infectious diseases, most likely because they communicate with many people during a weakened immune system, especially in those rare moments when they are free from current problems. During routine work, albeit not always useful, Leo becomes invulnerable to diseases, and during idleness and rest, there is a rapid deterioration in his health.

Leo's will act normally, but sooner or later you will see that they stand outside the crowd and are in the spotlight.

The most sensitive points in Leo are the head, ears and heart.

It should also be noted that Lions are often haunted by accidents. They are prone to fractures and injuries that have the ability to recover quickly.

Leo's culinary preferences

Leo's enjoy a leisurely meal at a laid table with a beautiful setting, enjoying an abundance of savory dishes. They would really like to limit the use of fatty and spicy foods, but each prohibition spoils the mood and acts depressingly on them.

It is better for Leo's  to try to correctly combine healthy with tasty, and exquisite dishes with very simple and rough food. It will be most correct to replace sweet pastries with fruits and vegetables during snacks. Nevertheless, during difficult periods of life and not particularly successful days, Leo is drawn to chocolates, chips and cookies.

Leo's are prone to being overweight, but in order to maintain their ideal weight, they need to devote more time to exercise, rather than dieting. Sometimes you can afford to starve all day, but it's better not to get carried away.

Lion Child

Children born under this sign, like adult Leo, are also characterized by "royalty" behavior, and from a very early age. They quickly grasp the basics of peer and adult manipulation by deftly playing on the most sensitive strings of their souls. If the little Leo is satisfied, then he is charming and sweet for everyone, but if he did not receive, what he wants is extremely unbearable. Parents of such a baby should create an atmosphere for him in which he can fully develop his inclinations and talents and prepare for existence in a world where not everything is as he wants.

Basically, all Leo children do well in school without much effort. Nevertheless, they are lazy, and this inevitably leads to various problems. They need tremendous attention, being in the circle of their peers. The child of this sign will do anything to get love and achieve superiority over others. Parents should pay more attention to the Lion Cub's communication with people and help him by giving valuable advice.

The army of rams, led by Leo, will always triumph over the army of Lions, led by the ram. Napoleon Bonaparte

Leo children strive for new experiences and rejoice at the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge. It is the parents who should organize entertainment for their offspring, since the Leo's  will languish with boredom and longing before they come up with an interesting and useful thing.

It is difficult to accustom a Leo child to housework due to the fact that everyday responsibilities are of little interest. But an occupation that needs to be approached creatively will help him express himself. With him, you can go for interior items and new furniture, decorate a festive table, plan a solemn event. Children of this sign have many interests that require communication and being in public - theater, dance, choir and sports.

The Leo child must learn to interact with other people, listen to them, take into account their interests. They have practically no developed empathy, which can only be instilled with correct upbringing.

The transitional age is stormy with love and disappointment, so parental support is required, but only in a tactful manner. Instill optimism and confidence in him, do not let him get angry and blame other people for your bad luck - Leo's are prone to this.

Leo child

The transitional age is stormy with love and disappointment, so parental support is required, but only in a tactful manner. Instill optimism and confidence in him, do not let him get angry and blame other people for your bad luck - Leo's  are prone to this.

Personalities born under the sign of Leo

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Anne Burda, Avicenna, J.K. Rowling, Madonna, Coco Chanel, Louis de Funes, John Galsworthy, Pierre Richard, Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis, David Duchovny, Titian, Jennifer Lopez, Guy de Maupassant, Whitney Hugh 1 de Niro, Yves Saint Laurent, Talleyrand, Bernard Shaw, Carl Jung, Menachem Begin, Alfred Hitchcock, Mick Jagger, Henry Nestlé, Father Alexander Dumas, George Soros, Jillian Andersen, Bill Clinton, Dustin Hoffman, Jean Renoir, Louis Armstrong , Henry Ford, Jean Reno, Stanley Kubrick, Antonio Banderas, Barack Obama, Jason Statham, Sean Penn, Charlize Theron

Compatibility Leo

Business Love Marriage Sex Friendship Compatibility

Rating Leo

English actor
1 Place
Italian professional tennis player
2 Place
30th president of Harvard University
3 Place
44th President of the United States
4 Place
White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary
5 Place
American actor and filmmaker
6 Place
42nd President of the United States
7 Place
Сhief executive officer of Microsoft
8 Place
Founder of the Bridgewater Associates
9 Place
American actor
10 Place
American actress and film producer
11 Place
American UFC color commentator
12 Place
American fashion model
13 Place
British professional tennis player
14 Place
American filmmaker and actor
15 Place
12th Director of the National Economic Council
16 Place
Junior United States senator from Pennsylvania
17 Place
Junior United States senator from Connecticut
18 Place
American professional basketball player of the National Basketball Association (NBA)
19 Place
American soccer player
20 Place
American former professional basketball player
21 Place
American politician
22 Place
Swiss former professional tennis player
23 Place
American professional basketball player
24 Place
Indian film director
25 Place
American football wide receiver
26 Place
Taiwanese actress
27 Place
American football quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL)
28 Place
American professional golfer
29 Place
American former football quarterback
30 Place
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