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Horoscope tomorrow For sign Lion

TODAY 28 March 2023. MOON growing, NEW MOON 20 April.

Tomorrow Lion will have a number of new commitments, which might scare them off a bit. However, such a situation is quite normal for this period. All your attempts to avoid responsibility will not be successful.

An unpleasant situation may arise with your place of residence or those around you. It is possible that colleagues will abandon your company or send you on a long trip alone. It is possible that the team will leave somewhere without you. Therefore, be prepared in advance for such an unpleasant act and do not be discouraged in advance. Take care of personal affairs that day, perhaps household. Go to the store and finally fix the things in the house that are constantly breaking.

Business Horoscope

Tomorrow Lion will take part in various profitable projects only if they manage to get there through friends or colleagues. If you are represented by the bosses or you receive the coveted entrance ticket, you can count on a good time. Otherwise, you will be left behind, which will affect your professional activities. On the other hand, there will be time to do more important things, to join a new project. It is likely that any choice will bring you good results.



As for your health, then Lion tomorrow will be exposed to everything that is transmitted by airborne droplets. Try to spend as little time as possible in public or use protective equipment. The likelihood of getting sick will decrease significantly. If you neglect your own safety, the infection will easily hit your body and will not go unnoticed.


Love horoscope

In love, the representatives of the Lion sign must act under the motto "Patience and work will grind everything." If so far you have not managed to attract the attention of your chosen one, then do not be discouraged. You will probably need to make a few more tries, and as a result, you will understand what was missing. Fight for your love, perhaps the other half is just waiting for more meaningful actions from you. Keep bending your line and don't back down.


Moon calendar

The seventh lunar day from the new moon to the first quarter (phase I of the moon) characterizes the growing, young moon. You are emotionally sensitive. You may need support, friendly involvement. Be silent if you do not know what to say, because words can come true. The day will bring success only in honest deeds. Take time for yourself to learn, as things will argue. Dreams today are informative and can come true.

Try to eat more poultry and eggs in your food. It is not recommended to remove teeth on the 7th lunar day - not everything will be smooth! The energy center of the body is the lungs, so beware of colds. Symbols of the day: Wand, Rose of Winds, Rooster. Stones: white coral, heliotrope, sapphire.

Moon calendar

Day 7

Today 28 March.
Age of the moon 7.1 Days - growing.
Moon at 401,284 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 149,349,101 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 4:15:48, 20 Apr 2023.


Rating Lion

1 Place
Malaysian actress
2 Place
3 Place
Venezuelan politician
4 Place
Chairman of Federal Reserve Board
5 Place
Prime Minister of Japan
6 Place
44th President of the United States
7 Place
President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
8 Place
President of the ESPN
9 Place
American actor and playwright
10 Place
U.S. Representative for Michigan's 13th congressional district since 2019
11 Place
Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
12 Place
American actor
13 Place
Canadian filmmaker
14 Place
American actress
15 Place
Founder of Tron
16 Place
American rapper and record producer
17 Place
Co-founder and the executive chairman and chief technology officer (CTO) of Oracle Corporation
18 Place
American actor
19 Place
Executive editor of The New York Times
21 Place
22 Place
CEO of Las Vegas Sands
23 Place
Co-founder of Stripe
24 Place
25 Place
12th Director of the National Economic Council
26 Place
Director at the NASA
27 Place
Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer
28 Place
President and CEO of Alliance For Automotive Innovation
29 Place
Politician, diplomat, and businessman who served as the 30th United States Ambassador to Japan
30 Place


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