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Horoscope tomorrow For sign Aquarius

TODAY 17 April 2024. MOON growing, NEW MOON 8 May.

Aquarius should have a pretty good day tomorrow, you just need to believe in yourself and throw out all doubts. With your own professionalism, precise approach to business, the right data or a wealth of experience, you will be great at getting the right people or business partners interested.

Possibly slippery moments in matters related to a moral point of view. At this point, you better take a position for which you will not be ashamed later. Give confidence to others, tomorrow it will definitely not be superfluous.

Fortune is on your side, so you can act boldly and not be afraid of the consequences.

Business Horoscope

Unfinished business Aquarius tomorrow may be perceived negatively by the management or higher people. Moreover, the conflict can reach open opposition, although at the initial stage there were no objections from the other side at all. It is possible that another option will appear and you simply will not be given a definite answer, because of which the representatives of the sign will make hasty conclusions that no one is against their ideas and will begin to act in advance.



Based on the forecast of the stars, tomorrow Aquarius may have the first signs that they will not pay attention to. If you have irregularities in the work of the gallbladder, namely, some kind of inflammatory processes or the formation of stones, then on this day seizures are likely and treatment of ailments is desirable. Knowing this, take care of the body in advance and take a course of preventive treatment, this obviously will not be superfluous.


Love horoscope

Tomorrow, Aquarius may have disagreements with relatives or close people who, for some reason, decide that you are indifferent and heartless, because you refuse to complete some task or take part in household chores. You will simply find that there is no need to take care of those who are quite capable of doing it themselves, especially if these people are old enough and full of strength and energy. Do not worry, you will do the right thing, even if others do not immediately understand you and share this opinion.


Moon calendar

On the ninth day, the Moon is young and is in phase II from the first quarter to the full moon, growing. This day is full of failures, gloomy thoughts, fears, feelings of anxiety overcome. Things may not go according to plan due to the surrounding negativity. Keep your feelings to yourself, be humble, take more time to work.

If you get sick that day, then for sure it is serious, therefore do not take your health lightly. Fast and do yoga to protect your energy. Avoid any mushrooms in your diet to avoid poisoning. Dreams on the 9th lunar day are not prophetic. The energy center is the chest. Symbols of the day: Milky Way, Bat. Stones: serpentine serpentine, rauchtopaz, alexandrite, black pearls.

Moon calendar

Day 9

Today 17 April.
Age of the moon 8.9 Days - growing.
Moon at 401,317 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 150,222,081 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 3:24:19, 8 May 2024.


Rating Aquarius

Chief Executive Officer of The Walt Disney
1 Place
House Minority Leader in the United States House of Representatives
2 Place
Russian professional tennis player
3 Place
U.S. representative for Ohio's 4th congressional district
4 Place
American politician
5 Place
6th Chair of the Federal Reserve
6 Place
American actor
7 Place
American singer, songwriter, and actor
8 Place
American actress
9 Place
American actor
10 Place
American actor
11 Place
American football running back
12 Place
Japanese director
13 Place
Irish professional golfer
14 Place
56th speaker of the United States House of Representatives
15 Place
Chief Executive Officer
16 Place
American professional baseballer
17 Place
American professional golfer
18 Place
English actress
19 Place
American inventor and businessman
20 Place
American college basketball player
21 Place
British businessman
22 Place
American sports broadcaster
23 Place
American rapper
24 Place
Chairman and CEO
25 Place
American professional golfer who plays on the LPGA Tour
26 Place
American DJ
27 Place
American politician
28 Place
American musician
29 Place
Сhief financial officer of at Autodesk
30 Place

Personal horoscope

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