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Horoscope tomorrow For sign Libra

TODAY 30 September 2023. MOON decreasing, NEW MOON 14 October.

Tomorrow Libra it is better to keep quiet and not let your language tell your loved ones a lot, otherwise serious conflicts in relationships cannot be avoided. Even simple, soulful conversations can quickly and imperceptibly turn into a raised conversation or breaking dishes. In order not to lead to this, avoid slippery topics. During a conflict, try to side with your opponent, perhaps you will understand how he feels now. In no case do not get personal. If you want to say something, be gentle.

Business Horoscope

Tomorrow for Libra can become fatal and fateful if they don't stop talking too much. The stars recommend keeping your communication talent for another day. Tomorrow, the ability to see specks in someone else's eye can infuriate anyone, so you shouldn't use it again. Stay away from production discussions.

Business in the field of finance, well thought out schemes, conservative projects and decisions will help to attract success and fortune. Taking on the promotion of your own ideas and projects is not worth it. As there may be harsh criticism from superiors and employees.



As far as health and wellness are concerned, tomorrow Libra will take all the patience and endurance. It is likely that a recent treatment will not give the lightning-fast results you expect. Therefore, try to pull yourself together and act according to the recommendations of doctors. If in doubt, consult with other specialists, compare their diagnoses and the proposed treatment method.


Love horoscope

Libra tomorrow may be disappointed not only in friends, but also in a loved one. The reason for this will be high expectations, resentment, unfulfilled promises, or simply the vulnerability of representatives of this sign. It is possible that the chosen one / chosen one Libra really did something that could disappoint them. However, the stars do not advise you to waste time on trifles and thank your loved ones at least for what they do for you. Perhaps next time, they will spare no time and effort and make a worthy gift or a pleasant surprise.


Moon calendar

On the sixteenth day, the Moon is in the III quarter and wanes. The day is quite moderate, calm and harmonious. Man today is spiritually cleansed. Various physical activities are recommended to normalize health. Keep calm, balance and inner comfort. Try not to show anger, aggression and envy, do not go to extremes.

The day is suitable for the conclusion of marriage unions, which are based on respect and equality. Be sexually restrained today. Dirt on clothes on the 16th lunar day is a sign of spiritual impurity. The energy center is the spleen. Symbols of the day: Ladder to Heaven, Butterfly, Dove. Stones: pearls, emerald, charoite, tourmaline.

Moon calendar

Day 16

Today 30 September.
Age of the moon 16.1 Days - decreasing.
Moon at 370,997 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 149,795,236 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 17:55:08, 14 Oct 2023.


Rating Libra

Canadian-American actor
1 Place
American actress
2 Place
Professional tennis player
3 Place
Senior United States district judge of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia
4 Place
Undersecretary of State
5 Place
American former professional football player
6 Place
American sports television personality
7 Place
Chairman of Disney General Entertainment Content
8 Place
American rapper
9 Place
Chief financial officer of Walt Disney Company
10 Place
Ghanaian-British actress
11 Place
African professional golfer
12 Place
Chief Executive Officer
13 Place
co-founder and CEO of Lyft
14 Place
American actor
15 Place
President of the European Commission
16 Place
President of General Motors
17 Place
American actress
18 Place
Italian actress
19 Place
American actress
20 Place
American actor
21 Place
American actress
22 Place
American film producer
23 Place
American filmmaker
24 Place
Australian actor
25 Place
American Olympic bobsledder
26 Place
American actress and singer
27 Place
American actress and singer
28 Place
Australian professional basketball player
29 Place
Founder of Celsius Network
30 Place

Personal horoscope

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