Tenneco Introduces Advanced Add-On Valve Technology That Enhances Performance of Passive Dampers
Tenneco Introduces Advanced ...
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Tenneco Introduces Advanced Add-On Valve Technology That Enhances Performance of Passive Dampers

12 February 2024
1 min.
Tenneco Introduces Advanced Add-On Valve Technology That Enhances Performance of Passive Dampers

Tenneco has expanded its industry-leading Monroe® OE Solutions passive valving portfolio with the introduction of an advanced, highly tunable stroke dependent damping (SDD) add-on valve. The new Monroe RideRefine™ SDD valve works in conjunction with Monroe OE Solutions main valve technologies to deliver best-in-class comfort and control characteristics.

Stroke dependent damping dramatically enhances comfort by reducing damping levels during short strokes of the unit’s internal piston. A bypass directs oil into the RideRefine SDD valve, which provides separate, tunable damping of small strokes for reduced noise, vibration and harshness. At the end of the short piston stroke, the damper’s main valve resumes normal operation.

The tunability of the new SDD valve enables vehicle manufacturers to select the ideal comfort profile for short piston strokes in each vehicle model.

“The RideRefine SDD valve brings new levels of versatility, tunability and comfort to passive damper performance,” said Romain Nollet, Group Vice President and General Manager, Monroe Ride Solutions. “Stroke dependent damping helps to ensure that the dampers effectively filter out minor road inputs on highways and other smooth roads, thus providing a feeling of luxury and plushness to the ride experience.”

Tenneco is a leading global supplier of passive and electronic damping technologies for original equipment (OE) and aftermarket applications.

For more information, visit oe-monroe.com.


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