Ronald Reagan Day

Ronald Reagan Day

Celebrating Ronald Reagan Day on February 6th? It's not just about honoring the 40th President of the United States; it's about revisiting an era of jelly beans in the Oval Office and a Hollywood actor turning Cold War dynamics into prime-time drama. So, grab your cowboy hat and let's dive into a day dedicated to the Gipper, with a sprinkle of humor because, let's face it, Reagan himself loved a good joke.

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  6 February

About the holiday

A Short Tour of History

Before Ronald Reagan was reshaping the free world, he was dodging pies on screen and charming voters off their feet. From a lifeguard saving 77 lives to becoming a movie star, then governor, and eventually the President, Reagan's journey was anything but dull. His presidency, marked by "Reaganomics," a challenge to Gorbachev to "tear down this wall," and an assassination attempt, reads like a Hollywood script—fitting for a man who never lost his flair for the dramatic.

How Is It Celebrated?

How do you celebrate a man who loved jelly beans and freedom equally? By throwing jelly bean tasting parties, of course! Schools might dive into "Reaganomics 101," while the more politically inclined hold debates over whether his Star Wars program was visionary or sci-fi folly. Visiting the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library is a must for enthusiasts, but for those who like to keep it low-key, why not watch a Reagan movie marathon? From "Knute Rockne, All American" to "Bedtime for Bonzo," it's a day filled with patriotic nostalgia and perhaps a chuckle or two over Reagan's on-screen antics.

Ronald Reagan

Interesting Facts

  • From Actor to President: Before his political career, Reagan was a Hollywood actor and president of the Screen Actors Guild. His transition from the silver screen to the political arena is a testament to his versatility and leadership skills.
  • The Great Communicator: Reagan was nicknamed "The Great Communicator" due to his ability to convey complex policies and ideas in a way that was accessible and relatable to the general public. His background in acting and public speaking played a significant role in honing this skill.
  • Survived an Assassination Attempt: On March 30, 1981, Reagan survived an assassination attempt by John Hinckley Jr., just 69 days into his presidency. Remarkably, he joked with doctors before surgery, saying, "I hope you're all Republicans," showcasing his humor even in dire situations.
  • Economic Policies: Reagan's economic policies, known as "Reaganomics," focused on tax cuts, deregulation, and reducing government spending. These policies aimed to stimulate economic growth and are still widely debated today.
  • End of the Cold War: Reagan played a pivotal role in the end of the Cold War, advocating for a strong military stance against the Soviet Union while also pursuing diplomatic relations. His famous challenge to Mikhail Gorbachev to "tear down this wall" is one of the most iconic moments of his presidency.

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Dear admirers of Reaganomics and jelly beans, congratulations on celebrating Ronald Reagan Day! May your day be filled with spirited debates, laughter, and perhaps a jelly bean or two. Cheers to a day of liberty, jelly beans, and the enduring legacy of Ronald Reagan.

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