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Best Buy's Geek Squad is changing the face of healthcare with virtual hospital rooms
7 March 2023
New deal with Atrium Health Best Buy's Geek Squad is now offering assistance in setting up virtual hospital rooms, according to recent news. The company has entered a three-year partnership with Atrium Health, a non-profit healthcare&...
The US has developed a neural network that detects Parkinson's disease in its early stages
25 March 2022
A neural network in medicine US doctors and mathematicians have developed an artificial intelligence system capable of detecting Parkinson's disease in its early stages from photos of stem cells extracted from patients' skin. This was anno...
Moderna to produce mRNA vaccines in Australia from 2024
24 March 2022
Moderna vaccine for Australia The Australian government has reached an agreement with US pharmaceutical company Moderna allowing local facilities to produce up to 100 million doses of coronavirus vaccine each year over the next 10 years. Australian ...
Bill Gates believes that 'omicron' will be the last acute phase of the pandemic
17 February 2022
Bill Gates about the coronavirus Microsoft founder Bill Gates believes that the omicron strain of coronavirus will be the last acute phase of the pandemic and bring it to an end. He expressed this opinion in an interview published on Thursday in the...
Pfizer has applied to the US for approval of its COVID-19 vaccine for children under five
2 February 2022
Vaccine for children Pfizer and BioNTech have urged US authorities to approve a coronavirus vaccine for children aged 6 months to 5 years, according to a statement published on Pfizer's website on Tuesday. Pfizer's Albert Bourla said...
Albert Bourla supports the idea of primary vaccination against coronavirus on a three-dose basis
17 January 2022
Vaccination against COVID Albert Bourla, CEO of the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer, believes it is necessary to vaccinate people with three doses of the coronavirus vaccine to fight the pandemic&nb...
Joe Biden to send medical teams to six states to help fight COVID-19
13 January 2022
Fighting COVID-19 US President Joe Biden will send medical teams to six states across the country to assist local doctors in dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic. The announcement, according to U...
Pfizer's Omicron vaccine will be ready in March
10 January 2022
Omicron vaccine U.S. company Pfizer said that a vaccine that is adapted to the omicron strain of coronavirus will be ready in March 2022. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla announced this on Monday. "This vaccine ...
The US Department of Health says the country's emergency rooms are 78% full
31 December 2022
Covid continues to rage The US ICU bed stock is more than 78% occupied, with more than 22.7% of beds occupied by patients with coronavirus, according to US Department of Health and Human Services data updated Thursday. ...
U.S. sends 1.5 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine to Taiwan
31 October 2021
The American vaccine The United States sent Taiwan 1.5 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine produced by Moderna. This was announced on Sunday by Ned Price, head of the State Department's press office, on Twitter. ...
CVS and Walgreens administering COVID-19 booster shots
28 September 2021
Booster vaccines CVS and Walgreens pharmacies across the country are administering Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine boosters to millions of eligible Americans who are most at risk of contracting the virus. About 6,000 CVS pharmacies and MinuteClinic acros...
U.S. authorities are exploring measures to introduce compulsory vaccination
31 July 2021
Vaccine for private companies US authorities are studying the possibility of introducing compulsory vaccination at the federal level. The head of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Rochelle Walensky, told Fox News on Friday. T...
US. authorities deploy medics to areas where COVID-19 outbreaks are occurring
3 July 2021
COVID pandemic in the US US federal authorities are sending medical teams to various parts of the country where new outbreaks of COVID-19 have recently been observed. This was reported by Bloomberg news agency on Thursday, citing administration offi...
Peru allows teenagers to be vaccinated with a Pfizer coronavirus drug
22 June 2021
Vaccination of Teenagers Peru's Ministry of Health has authorised the use of a vaccine from the US pharmaceutical company Pfizer against coronavirus to immunise teenagers aged 12 years and older. This was announced on Monday by the head of the minis...
Moderna plans to increase production of its vaccines for export
21 June 2021
Increase in vaccine production US company Moderna is building two new production lines, the launch of which will allow it to increase production of coronavirus vaccines by 50%, currently carried...
Joe Biden doubles U.S. vaccination goal to 220 million doses in the first 100 days
29 April 2021
Joe Biden's promise President Joe Biden said on Wednesday that more than 220 million COVID-19 vaccinations have been administered in the US since the start of his presidential term, using the country's three approved coronavirus vaccines. "After I ...
New York City makes it easier for residents to get vaccinated against the coronavirus
24 April 2021
Vaccination made more accessible to New Yorkers New York City authorities have expanded access to vaccination against the new coronavirus for the city's entire population, regardless of neighborhood. This was announced on Fr...
Vir Biotechnology is ready to present a new drug for COVID-19
12 March 2021
New drug from COVID-19 Vir Biotechnology (NASDAQ:VIR) shares jumped more than 30% in trading in New York. Shares rose after the company said its experimental treatment COVID-19, being deve...
New York loosens restrictions on indoor and outdoor gatherings
6 March 2021
Reducing restrictions New York State is easing restrictions on indoor and outdoor gatherings at the end of March, officials said at a press briefing in Albany. Beginning March 22, private gathe...
Italy has blocked AstraZeneca's vaccine supplies to Australia
5 March 2021
Vaccine supply blocked The shipment in question is 250,000 doses. The Foreign Ministry believes that it is too large compared to the number of doses supplied to other EU countries. Italy be...
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