Microsoft Employs Sam Altman as OpenAI's New CEO: In-Depth Inquiry into His Departure Promised
Microsoft Employs Sam Altman...
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Microsoft Employs Sam Altman as OpenAI's New CEO: In-Depth Inquiry into His Departure Promised

20 November 2023
2 min.
Microsoft Employs Sam Altman as OpenAI's New CEO: In-Depth Inquiry into His Departure Promised

The Altman Affair

Microsoft's new AI initiative includes OpenAI leaders Sam Altman and Greg BrockmanEmmett Shear, the new CEO of ChatGPT's creator, pledges to address tensions following Altman's departure.

Over the weekend, a compelling narrative unfolded, leading to the appointment of Emmett Shear, former Twitch leader, as the interim CEO of OpenAI. In parallel, Microsoft made a significant move by strategically hiring Altman and Brockman to spearhead a groundbreaking AI research team.

Despite the evident rift between ChatGPT's architects and their brainchild, Shear and Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella expressed unwavering commitment to their partnership. Microsoft's substantial investment in OpenAI and its provision of computing power underscore the significance of their collaboration.

Nadella welcomes former OpenAI execs with excitement. Altman reassures with "the mission continues," and Brockman envisions building something incredible.

However, the controversy surrounding Altman's departure remains unresolved. OpenAI cited Altman's alleged lack of candor with the board as the reason behind his removal. In response, Shear has committed to hiring an independent investigator to examine the circumstances leading to Altman's ouster and present a report within 30 days.

Shear acknowledges Altman's removal mishandling, commits to rebuilding trust, and plans organizational changes, including governance reforms if needed.

The uncertainty surrounding Altman's departure has triggered speculation and mixed reactions. Altman himself, in a series of tweets, hinted at a potential return. Shear's appointment as CEO, along with Altman and Brockman's move to Microsoft, adds layers to an evolving narrative.

Sutskever regrets board actions, aims to reunite OpenAI; safety researcher Jan Leike calls for board resignations, highlighting internal discord.

As Shear navigates the complex aftermath, Microsoft finds itself in a strengthened position in the AI landscape. The industry watches closely as the implications of these developments unfold, shaping the future of AI collaboration and research.

AP and OpenAI, tied by a licensing agreement, share a collaborative history, providing insights into the evolving AI landscape.

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